The first and best cheesecake I've ever made

Let's get one thing straight. I hate baking.
It's messy, time-consuming and by the time I'm done and the 3 bowls, 4 spoons, measuring cups and spoons, mixer attachments are washed & the counter is wiped clean, I don't even want what I just made anymore.
I much prefer the carefree-ness of cooking to the preciseness of baking.
However, my hankering for cheesecake over the weekend pushed my dislike of baking aside and I went to work.

Step 1: Find an amazing recipe.

Step 2: Survey pantry & acquire missing ingredients. Plus a 9" non-stick springform pan. (Thanks, Devon & Paul!)

Step 3: Throw on a sweatshirt over my pajama shirt (it's 4pm...) and head to the grocery store.

Step 4: Pick up random things that are not on the list.

Step 5: Drag grocery bags 2 blocks to apartment because there were no close parking spaces.

Step 6: Unload groceries & haul out baking equipment.

Step 7: Follow recipe to a T and then...

Step 8: Have a minor meltdown when I read the last line of the recipe: chill in refrigerator overnight. Son of a bee sting!
[The aftermath]
Step 9: Eat cereal and a pint of blueberries for dinner since husband is out at the bar watching the Phillies game and I don't feel like cooking.
Step 10: Watch the rest of Season 1 of Dexter (amazing!) and go to sleep dreaming about eating an entire 9" cheesecake on Sunday.

[Drop in strawberry sauce]
[Get your swirl on]
[Bake & chill for an ungodly amount of time. Top with extra strawberry sauce & savor. Try not to make any weird, semi-sexual noises. Oh, you'll want to!]

The results? So worth the time & mess. Better than any cheesecake I've had at a restaurant. Yes, that includes Cheesecake Factory. In your face!
Uh, is work over yet? I really need another piece.


  1. WOW! I love cheesecake!!! This is going to have to be made in my house! Thanks for the recipe Meg

  2. Wow! That looks amazing! Wish I could taste it! How long did it take to make (prep/bake)?

  3. Nice!!! That sure looks devine! I do believe I will be stealing your recipe! Thanks for sharing Meg- as always! :)

  4. i want that. (said in creepy napoleon dynamite whisper. remember that part? maybe? anywayyy ....) looks delish.

  5. Joy, from the time I got back from the grocery store to the time it was out of the oven, I'd say about 2 hours. It was in no way a "quick & easy" recipe, but it was sooo worth it!

  6. Meredith, I want you to have it! Seriously, make it immediately. And btw, your blog is awesome & hilarious. I will be following from now on!


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