Weekend To-Do List

I have a bad habit of creating overly ambitious weekend to-do lists.
2 days, Meg, it's only 2 days.
I feel like if I'm at home, I need to be doing things constantly, so I overbook.
Good thing I'm not an airline.

1. Get boxes & pack at least 10 of them. My brain cannot comprehend the fact that we're moving in 2 weeks.

2. Make homemade coffee ice cream.

3. Referee 2 lacrosse games on Saturday & go running at least once. The games are 2nd and 3rd/4th grade... which means I'll get little to no exercise. I basically get to watch a cluster of 8 girls go after a ground ball for the entire game. (Hey, I was them once!)

4. Sunday night: family dinner! Make roasted potatoes.

5. Clean the bathroom and the shower. My most loathsome task! I'll probably put this off until next weekend. I won't lie about it.

6. Take box of books-to-donate to the 2nd hand bookstore on Church Street. See if they'll give me store credit. Cha-ching!

7. Pick out outfit for Sheri & Matt's wedding on April 23rd. I'm thinking the short black dress with ruffles down the front from Ruche. But what shoes...

8. List external hard drive on eBay & look for a new one formatted for PC.

9. Scour Craiglist for furniture deals. $675 for old plaid couches is NOT a deal. I'm not sure what these people are smoking that makes them believe their old crap is worth that much money. THIS is what I'm talking about.

10. Get outside as much as possible & soak up some sweet sweet Vitamin D!
[I miss squinting]
Hope you all have a productive weekend!

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  1. I am so guilty of making a MILE long weekend "to-do" list too!

    That coffee ice cream looks delish...I can't believe that you are making time to make ice cream when you are moving in two weeks (I would be a wreak of nerves). That is dedication :)

    xx Cat brideblu


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