Least Productive Weekend Ever (For Me)

My lengthy to-do list got very little crossed off of it this weekend. What happened to my nesting momentum? I feel like all I did this weekend was clean up dog hair and do laundry. However, in trying to stay positive, here is what I DID accomplish...

- Finished writing out all of my thank you notes for baby showers.
- Made a delicious new meatloaf recipe & made an extra loaf to freeze for after the baby arrives (Mozzarella Stuffed Italian Meatloaf... amazing).
- Survived the wacky October snowstorm. (4-5 inches and we haven't had snow before Halloween since the 1950's!)

In the beginning...
After an hour or so...
My mums were very confused.

Getting 2 all-wheel drive vehicles was an excellent choice.
It's official. Indy loves snow!

- 3 loads of laundry.
- Vacuumed, swiffered, dusted & cleaned the bathroom.
- Took Indy to the groomers for the first time where they made him look & smell pretty (he even got a cute little Halloween bow... awwh). I'm not sure who the groomers spoiled more... me or the dog. He'll definitely be going back next month!

Daddy is not pleased with our manly dog wearing a ghost bow.
Indy got an excellent "Pawgress" Report from Pet Smart.

- Did not go into labor during the snow storm (Tim was very appreciative of this).
- Bought a new pair of wedges that actually fit. Your feet really DO get bigger from pregnancy. I went from a 7.5 to an 8 and my current pairs of flats are sooo tight.
- Attempted to make a fabric flower and it was disastrous. I don't even want to show you. It looks terrible.

Annnd there you have it. Seems like I did a good amount, but most of these things weren't on my actual to-do list. I'm simply reiterating them to make myself feel better. And I kind of do! Mission accomplished. Hopefully I have another baby-free weekend in my future to git 'er done.


Amy's Homemade Granola Bars

My sister-in-law, Amy, e-mailed me this recipe and I immediately wanted to try it out. It's one of those rare baking recipes that doesn't have to be exact. LOVE. You can also customize it by substituting and adding ingredients. DOUBLE LOVE.


2 c. oats
1/4 c. brown sugar
1/2 c. wheat germ
3/4 tsp. cinnamon
1 c. flour
3/4 c. raisins
3/4 tsp. salt
1/2 c. honey
1 egg, beaten
1/4 c. applesauce
1/4 c. olive oil
2 tsp. vanilla
1 brown banana


Mix everything together and press into a greased 9x13 pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 30-35 minutes. Let cool and cut into bars.

Some possible additions/substitutions include: pumpkin puree, chopped apple, coconut, chocolate chips, dried cranberries, chopped walnuts, sunflower seeds, flax seeds (instead of wheat germ), whole wheat flour (instead of white)... and whatever else your heart desires.

They are fantastic as a quick snack or to grab in the morning as you're heading out to work. Or (I'll put on my future mom hat) to give your kids when they're begging for a snack before dinner. Relatively healthy & not a total meal ruiner.


On Tap for the Weekend

The big news story in the northeast is that we're getting SNOW this weekend.
Lots of it.
Before Halloween.
Everyone's in a frenzy!
We are right on the border of the 3-5" zone and the 6-12" zone (just outside of Philadelphia).
I think it's hilarious to watch everyone overreact about weather. We've had a crazy string of events this year: a hurricane, an earthquake, and now snow in October. Being the control freak that I am, you'd think I'd be panicking, too, but I just can't get annoyed about weather. It's weather. We can't control it, so why bother getting upset?

Tim is working on Saturday, which I hate and love at the same time. It's extra moola... but it also leaves me stuck at home by myself all day. Whomp whomp.

My goal is to tire out Indy in the morning. I will take him for a walk in the rain/snow/mix if I have to! Then I need to do some cleaning and start/finish the projects lined up on my sewing table.

1) The placemat clutch is 90% done, but just needs a fabric flower to cover up the magnetic snap closure.

2) I have all the materials for our Christmas stockings, I just need to get started.

3) I have the supplies to make a few Christmas presents (which must remain a secret)... really would like to knock those out before baby.

4) The pillowcase hamper for the baby's room just needs to be assembled.

5) And as if I weren't busy enough with all of the above, I keep seeing cute projects and adding them to my neverending list:
- Recreating this baby mobile
- Making a sisal rope bowl

On Sunday, this furry guy is going to his first doggie grooming appointment at Pet Smart! Giving him a bath inside has become so tedious due to his black hair, our bathroom's white tile and the fact that I can barely bend over right now. $30 for a shampoo, brushing, nail clipping & ear cleaning... this might spoil us.

We'll try to squeeze in dinner out sometime this weekend as well.
Who knows how many more baby-free weekends are in our future!

Another set of XY chromosomes will soon be added to our family. I might have to start embracing girly colors like pink & purple to break up the sea of gray, black, brown & blue I'm swimming in.


Still Cookin'

Just to answer your questions up front: Yes, I'm still pregnant. True, I could "go" any day now. No, I'm still not ready.

What does "ready" even mean?  Ready to stop wearing maternity pants that give me a permanant wedgie? Yes. Ready to stop waking up at 3am with burning acid reflux? You bet. Ready to not cry inside everytime I weigh myself? Naturally.

But am I really ready for the mental and physical anguish of childbirth and raising a child for 18+ years? Absolutely not! No one's ever ready for that... no matter how much they convince themselves they are. But guess what, we women realize that it's a necessary evil if we want the human race to live on. So we make sacrafices.

Here are some 38 week preggo tidbits for you. Consider this your verbal dose of birth control for the day.

Your weight gain will horrify you. I don't care what the breakdown is for how much the extra blood and placenta weighs. IT SUCKS. I'll tell you how much I gained. 38 pounds. I've heard, "Oh, that's nothing, my sister's friend gained 60!" It doesn't matter how much you gain. Going from your normal starting weight to anything above that feels terrible and unnatural.

Your pregnancy will annoy people. A lot of people will act like a-holes towards you for a number of reasons. I've concluded that all of these reasons point back to jealousy. They wish they could get pregnant and can't/they wish they'd had kids and are now too old. They think you're getting special treatment. They think you're going to quit your job and never come back (and secretly want to do the same). They are generally miserable about life and hate when others are happy, but only because they long to be happy and can't. They visualize you giving birth and it grosses them out (but secretly want to know what it's like).

The little kicks that you first thought were "special" will eventually bruise your ribs and make any position you try to sit/lay in unbearable. You will curse your unborn child. You will wish you never got pregnant in the first place. You'll hear a news story about some woman leaving her child on a doorstep with a note pinned to his onesie and for a split second... have a hard time condemning her.

A lot of medical advice you receive is based on NOTHING. You'll hear a lot of the following gibberish: "Well, we don't know if it's bad or not, so just don't do it." Mmm k, doc. Whatever you say. One turkey hoagie, please...

You will lie to your doctor/midwife. It's uncontrollable. You'll lie about your diet. You'll lie about drinking alcohol. You'll lie about your weight. There will just come a time when you don't feel like hearing shit, and you'll lie. Blame it on the hormones and move on.

Wedding day v. A few weeks ago (who looks happier?)
I've also come to the conclusion that just because other people's kids make me cringe, that it doesn't mean I will be a horrible mother. Tim and I were watching the new show on Animal Planet called "Puppies v. Babies". What happens is they show you a clip of a baby doing something cute and then a video of a puppy or kitten doing something cute, and then you have to decide which is cuter.

In my mind, the puppy or kitten always won.


Baby Powder & Wipes (DIY style)

There is one smell I've hated for years. The smell of babies. Well, baby products to be exact. I'm sure a plain old baby smells delightful (especially if it's your own) but the smell of traditional baby powder & wipes makes me gag.

After 2 weeks or so of disposables, we're switching over to cloth diapers. I'll spare you from a long-winded rant... just know that I think they're awesome and I'm super psyched to use them! So since we're going to cloth diaper, we're also going to use cloth wipes. Everything goes into the laundry and gets re-used. It just makes sense to use both together.

Since the wipes don't come pre-moistened, I'll need a liquid solution to soak them with before cleaning baby's bum. Luckily, there's a DIY for that! (What isn't there a DIY for?)

Here is the recipe I'm going to use:

1 tablespoon almond, apricot, or other oil
2 drops tea tree oil (a natural anti-bacterial)
1 drop lavender oil
1 cup water

Mix everything together and store in either a spray or squirt bottle. I like the idea of repurposing a dish detergent bottle because it's *free* and the spout on the top would be easier to use than squeezing a spray bottle trigger 20 times.

They do make cloth wipe warmers, but we're going to forego that for the sake of keeping things simple.

Another little known fact is that you can't use diaper rash ointment with cloth diapers because it interferes with the absorption. However, it's not a big deal because cloth diapered babies get less diaper rash to begin with because of the breathable, natural cloth fibers. The people at FuzziBunz recommend airing out your baby's tush for a minute or so between diaper changes and using baby powder to protect skin from moisture.

According to my Mom (the DIY queen), the best baby powder comes from the grocery store and you may have heard of it. It's called cornstarch! Yep, plain old cornstarch. I picked up a box in the baking aisle for a whopping $1.18. Johnson & Johnson try to sell their "special" cornstarch baby powder for $5. I'm not falling for it.

I bought these cute shakers from Amazon.com to store my cornstarch in (2 for $9). They're really for parmesan cheese, but I hear they dispense the perfect amount of baby powder during diaper changes. I'll be sure to label them so I don't douse my pasta with the wrong stuff.
Of course, we'll be using regular wipes & disposable diapers occasionally, during outtings and for the first few weeks when I'm not up for doing a load of laundry every day. I'm not totally hardcore... yet.

Pregnant on Halloween

Halloween is really a let down when you're knocked up. Every other female is dressed as a sexy insert noun here (pirate, cat, police officer, french maid). So you have two options: completely bare your stomach or completely cover it up. I have no artistic ability so painting my stomach was out. It's freezing cold here. And I didn't feel like spending money on a maternity costume (yes, they exist).

So I went with the second option and donned a giant Mexican poncho. FAIL. Instead of looking pregnant, I just looked fat. Let's just say there was a lot of unnecessary belly rubbing to show people that hey, there's a baby in here, I didn't just let myself go.

Tim basically wore his same clothes and pulled off being a lumberjack quite well! The suspenders are my dads and the rabbit-fur lined hat was his Valentine's Day gift last year from some awesome lady he's married to. (I got a bamboo cutting board from Crate & Barrel. Way better than flowers!)

Will I break out the fishnets & corset next year? Probably not. I'll be too busy making a costume for Baby A and people will forgive me for not dressing up because he'll look so adorable. Or maybe the Mexican poncho will make another appearance. It would work pretty well as a nursing cover...


Quickie Curtain

Making a simple, valance curtain is ridiculously easy. All you need to know are the following:

1. How to operate an iron
2. How to use a ruler/measuring tape
3. How to use scissors
4. How to sew a straight line

Measure your window. Measure & cut your fabric. Sew some hems. Sew an opening at the top large enough for your curtain rod to fit through. Hem the bottom... and you have a curtain! Okay, if you've never sewed before, you might want to look up a tutorial or study a pre-existing curtain you want to duplicate, but after you've made one, my over-simplified directions make perfect sense, I swear.

The matchstick blinds we put up in our bathroom window recently grew black mold. Yummy. Most likely due to the long, steaming hot showers I've been enjoying lately. Once the baby is here, I won't have time for such frivolity so I better squeeze them in now! The moldy blinds went in the trash and I decided to replace them with a simple curtain to keep the neighbors eyes out of our bathroom.

After a week of hanging bath towels over the window while my fabric was being shipped, our bathroom no longer looks like a frat house. I used 1.5 yards of Michael Miller "Secret Garden" fabric and a tension rod I already had that just happened to fit the window perfectly.

Total cost = $12.

If the curtain gets musty from bathroom steam, I can just throw it in the wash instead of the trash. And I love how it kinda looks like stained glass with the bathroom light off!


Tests, Protocols & Waivers

It's obvious by now that my husband and I aren't going the "usual" route when it comes to having a baby. Our decision to put my prenatal care and delivery in the hands of certified nurse midwives, instead of doctors, has been questioned by many. "Are you sure that's safe?" No, I'm going to purposely put my life and the life of my child in danger.

Every decision we've made thus far has been in the best interest of our baby. And aside from choosing a birth center, there have been many other decisions that we've needed to make. Since I'm a bit of an oversharer, allow me to indulge you!

1) Genetic testing. When you go to your first appointment (mine was around 9 weeks), there is a slew of testing that's offered. If you want, you can find out right from the start if your baby has any genetic disorders or other things like Down syndrome. I knew that I wanted to opt out of as many of these screenings as possible. A) Tim and I have no family history of these conditions; B) We are both well under the age of 35, and yeah, I'm bragging about it (haha); and C) If it was determined our baby had some type of disorder, we wouldn't consider terminating the pregnancy anyways. Waiver, please!

Of course, I had the routine blood test for STD's, Hepatitis B, blood type & Rh factor. All were fine and I am Rh positive (which is good), so no further action was needed.

2) Ultrasounds. The birth center's opinion is that ultrasounds do not lead to better birth outcomes, therefore, they don't recommend that you get any if everything is progressing normally. We decided to just get one at 20 weeks to find out the sex of the baby. That was our choice and we were glad we did it!

Hey, little dude!
However, a protocol snuck up on us. Yes, even hippy dippy birth centers have them. It was determined from this 20 week ultrasound that my placenta was low, which can be VERY bad if it stays that way. They recommended I come back at 28 weeks for a follow-up ultrasound. I was not pleased, especially after reading that this "low placenta" condition is extremely common and clears up on its own 99% of the time. If I would have never gotten an ultrasound, this would have never been an issue. I presented my reasoning to my midwife and asked if I could skip the second ultrasound. She said "Sorry, no can do."
The next time around I will probably skip ultrasounds altogether, now that I know that wanting just one can lead to more. Luckily, my placenta moved up (as it usually does) and no further testing was needed.

3) Hep B Vaccine. The birth center does not offer this vaccine at birth like hospitals do, and that's fine with us because we're waiving it. I don't have Hepatitis B and I doubt my newborn is going to be shooting up with dirty needles in the alley way, so for now, that's one less needle prick on his first day in the outside world. It's a disease usually contracted later in life, so if he wants to get it one day, he can do so. We just don't feel that it's necessary on Day 1.

4) Vitamin K. We have the option of the Vitamin K shot or giving it to our baby orally. I can't tell you how many times I went back and forth on this one! It's pretty vital as it promotes proper blood clotting and since babies can go through some pretty traumatic things on their way out, we didn't want to risk our newborn bleeding to death. But I am just naturally wary of all types of injections, so I discussed the oral dosage option with a few different midwives at multiple appointments. The consensus was that they thought the shot was best and easiest. The only thing in the jab is a synthetic form of Vitamin K (which annoys me, but whatever). No fillers or other weird stuff though. The birth center waits a few hours to give it, so mom & baby get to rest and establish a bond. They told me the oral dosage is difficult, babies hate it, and it has to be done multiple times the week after birth. While it sounds more gentle than an injection, it would be one more thing to worry about after I left the birth center. So we're gonna stick it to him. Sorry, little guy.

I'm also going to make sure I include a lot of K-rich foods in my diet
so it's passed through my breast milk.
5) Antibiotic Eye Ointment. It's standard protocol in hospitals these days, but does it have to be? The purpose of the ointment is to protect a newborn from contracting an eye infection due to the mom having gonorrhea and/or chlamydia. So, if you know you don't have either of these STD's, your baby doesn't need his or her eyes all gooped up with ointment right after birth. I read up on this, asked my midwife if I could waive it, and she said all I needed was an extra culture done towards the end of my pregnancy to verify that I was STD free. I did. It came up negative. I filled out a little form and boom, my baby doesn't need this intervention. It's amazing what just asking about something can do!

6) Group B Strep. Another protocol the birth center follows, and for good reason. If you test positive, you need 2 rounds of antibiotics during labor. Luckily, I tested negative for this bad boy which means two things. If my water breaks early, I have a full 24 hours to go into active labor before pitocin is required, and if I go into active labor before my water breaks, I don't have to go to the birth center early for antibiotics. I can labor in the comfort of home for a longer period of time. I'm really excited. It's the small victories at this point, I guess :-)

7) Circumcision. This has been a hot topic in the news lately, mainly in San Francisco. Yes, we will be getting our little boy circumcised. Yes, we've done the research and weighed the pros and cons. I left the decision up to my husband and that's that!

8) Hospital Freebies. By going to the birth center, Tim and I are also "waiving" all the fun hospital freebies we've been hearing about. Everyone says make sure you grab tons of this and that before you leave! Well, the birth center doesn't really work like that. When I go into labor, I'm required to bring a lot of things with me that a hospital would normally provide. Example) They don't give you a hospital gown. You wear whatever you want, like an oversized t-shirt or nightgown. Also, it's BYOP. Bring your own pads. And food. And beverages. And anything else you want. Of course, they have all the necessary medical supplies - it's not like I'm going to give birth in a cave. They just don't have agreements with big companies that give out thousands of samples like hospitals do. You definitely won't be going home with any formula samples, either. They are very pro-breastfeeding. In fact, I think Question #1 at my first appointment was, "Are you planning on breastfeeding?"

If you want to be fancy, Etsy sellers have homemade hospital gowns!
So there are our choices & testing outcomes all laid out for you. I LOVE the fact that we were able to opt out of things we didn't feel were necessary. For two leos, having control makes us moewy happy. Yes, I just said that.


Tutorial City

Tutorials are fantastic for visual learners like myself. People are always asking where I find ideas for craft & sewing projects, so I thought I'd share my favorite tutorials with you from various blogs and websites. Some of these things I've made and some are on my "to-make" list. Basically, anytime I come across one I like, I save it to my Favorites list.  Needless to say, it's becoming a pretty long list!

These are also projects that would make great Christmas gifts! I know, I know, no one wants to talk about Christmas yet, but if you start planning for it now, it'll be a more joyous time of year and you won't have to pay retail and deal with crowded parking lots. Plus, it'll be from the heart... awwwh.

Infinity Scarf Tutorial

Basic sewing supplies, less than 2 yards of fabric and you can have 2 of these beauties.
One for yourself and one as a Christmas gift. Flannel is nice, but you can also use a stretchy knit fabric or even linen. Depends on the style you want to achieve.

Wine Gift Bag Tutorial

This is one of those addictive projects. Once you make one and realize how easy it is, you'll end up making 5 more. Great for gift giving, and then your recipient can reuse them at BYOB's.

Magazine Gift Bow Tutorial

Another fun & creative way to wrap up your Christmas gifts. I went nuts one year and made like 40 of these. Now I have a container full of them and whenever I need to wrap a gift, I just use plain paper and slap on a colorful bow.

Tote Bag Tutorial

You could easily get carried away with this project, as well. Reusable bags are all over the place now and I feel like I never have enough of them. (I actually feel guilty when I forget mine and walk out with my goods in plastic.) This alone could be a gift, or you could fill on with more homemade goodies. I'll take one filled with tums. This preggo heartburn is killing me.

French Pouf Tutorial

Stick one of these anywhere & it's instantly cuter.

Citrus Scrub Tutorial

Move over, Bath & Body Works. (Does anyone still shop there, anyways?)
Package your DIY scrub in a fancy jar with some ribbon and gift away!

Potted Wheat Grass Tutorial

This is another great gift that looks expensive, but it's so not. Maybe you wouldn't give this as a Christmas gift. Hostess or housewarming gift... absolutely. These would look super cute lining a windowsill in the winter. Green grass... remember that?

Wool Poncho Tutorial

This is one project I need to jump on while it's currently in style.
You don't have to sew ANYTHING. No excuses. You have to make one now.

And since we're talking about the holidays, enjoy this little number!


Precious Weekends

Tim and I treasure our weekends, especially these last few, precious, child-free weekends. I mean, Baby A is always along for the ride in my stomach, but this is the most laid back and maintenance free that he'll ever be.

Don't get us wrong, we can't wait to meet the little guy and dote on him 24/7, but we're slowly realizing that being able to say "Hey, let's go out to dinner" is a luxury.

On Friday night, we enjoyed a yummy slow cooker meal of beef & vegetable soup (recipe coming this week). I have a feeling that crock pot is going to be reaaaaal tired after this winter.

I woke up Saturday morning with a hankering for apple cider donuts. They are a local favorite that always symbolize the transition into fall and make the end of summer a tad more bearable. We brought Indy along for the ride and he enjoyed hanging his head out the window the whole way. The colder the better as far as he's concerned.

Then I got serenaded by this fine gentleman, to whom I happen to be married to.

After cleaning the bejesus out of our house while Tim took the pup on a long walk, we ran errands which included a stop at my favorite store - Christmas Tree Shops. Tim always says the same thing when we're in there. "There is so much random crap here." Yep, and that's why I love it! You go in there needing nothing and walk out with a huge bag of stuff that you only paid $15 for. What's not to love? I actually DID need a few things and this is one of them.

You see a placemat. I see a clutch purse. More on that later.
Just call me the Queen of Suspense.

We went out to possibly THE BEST Indian restaurant on Saturday night. Star of India, West Chester, Pennsylvania, Planet Earth... look it up. Anyways, we've been into Indian food for about the last year or so and I keep saying I'm going to learn how to cook it, but so far we've only made some chicken marinated in Indian spices on the grill. In time...

I never thought I was a spicy food kinda gal, but that's because I was associating anything spicy with how hot wings set my mouth on fire, and Indian spices are so not evil like that. They are spicy in an "ooh, that's got a kick to it!" way.

Their garlic naan was fresh baked and amazing. We're taking our friends Rachael & Dave there next weekend as well, because they've been wanting to try Indian food and we need another night out before baby!

37 weeks
This is the current state of my stomach. It really accents my double chin nicely, don't you think? Haha. I really shouldn't complain. I've had an easy breezy pregnancy and this isn't even a maternity dress! Forever 21, I think. And my favorite boots are back in action. I'm gonna wear the crap out of them again this winter, especially since I'll be living in tights & leggings.

Tim snapped this as we were headed out to the baby shower his Mom threw for me on Sunday. It was lovely to catch up with his aunts & cousins - including one that is also expecting! Needless to say, Baby Annan is totally set on adorable clothes, books, stuffed animals & cozy blankets. He'll definitely be dressed better than me for the first 6 months of his lucky little life!


My best craigslist deal... ever?

Baby stuff is like wedding stuff. Insanely marked up and you only use it for a short period of time. Both industries make you feel like you absolutely need certain things. Magazines, internet ads, TV shows, celebrities... they mentally gang up on you until you buy that $18 Sophie the Giraffe Teether.

Wait a tick, eighteen bucks for something my kid is going to gnaw on? But, it's from France! That doesn't sound right, but it's currently the #1 best seller in baby products on Amazon.com. So popular that there are knock-offs being sold. (Note: I will be depriving my child of Sophie the Giraffe. I know, I'm a terrible parent.)

So now onto what you really want to read about. My greatest craigslist conquest thus far.

I knew from the get-go that I wanted a jogging stroller. I'm not a hardcore runner, but I like to get out there a few times a week and do a few miles, and it's a nice way to get out of the house with the baby. A regular stroller with tiny wheels wasn't going to cut it. However, there was NO WAY I was going to pay full price for one of these things. Have you seen what they retail for new? Anywhere from $150 to $500. Madness. I know for a fact that women buy/register for one thinking "I'm gonna get back in shape after baby!" and then use it 5 times. Where do all of these pricey, barely-used jogging strollers end up? Parked in the garage or basement until the husband finally says, "Why do we still have this if you never use it?" So it ends up on craigslist, and that's where I come in.

My list of criteria for a used jogging stroller:
- $50 or less
- In the general vacinity of where we live (I'm willing to drive 20-30 minutes to get a big ticket item)
- Fixed front wheel
- No alignment/mechanical issues
- No stains or rips in the fabric seat
- Storage
- Neutral colors

The key is patience. Never jump on the first deal you find unless it fits all of your criteria. I saw some really nice joggers for $60, $50 and even $40, but I wasn't completely sold. Sometimes, you just know, and none of these joggers were giving me that "BUY THIS NOW" feeling.

My patience paid off big time and I ended up scoring a 2-year-old Baby Trend Expedition jogging stroller for 80% off the retail price in GREAT condition. Believe me, I KNOW.

This brand has models starting at $140 and going up to around $200. I paid $30. I drove 26 miles round trip, so to be fair, factor in another $5 for gas. After a predictably awkward pick-up from a family moving back to Turkey (so House Hunters International, right?), it was mine and I returned home to celebrate my victory!

Multiple storage baskets & pouches and a nice grippy handle.

I used a solution of vinegar & water to clean up the plastic & metal parts, which were a little dusty from being stored in their basement. I called it, right?
I vacuumed the seat and on the next sunny day, I'm going to spray it down outside with vinegar & water to freshen up the fabric. Vinegar is great for neutralizing odors & killing germs!
Plus, it's non-toxic.

Cupholders & a handy storage compartment for phone, keys, chapstick, etc.


Folds up  for storage or transporting in a car.
So pumped about my deal!
Would it be weird if I practiced jogging with it before the baby's born?
Yes, yes it would.


Frittata. Fun to say. More fun to eat.

This meal is great for when you're standing in front of your fridge after a long day thinking, "What the $%&# are we going to eat?!" Also excellent for entertaining guests over brunch. You can completely customize it to your tastes and it's pretty hard to screw up. If you can scramble an egg, you can make a frittata. It looks and tastes way more impressive than scrambled eggs, too.

So throw on your apron and let's get crackin'! Literally. Because you need to crack a lot of eggs.

Here is what went into my frittata last night.

10 eggs
1/2 c. whole milk
1 T. butter
1/2 of a small yellow onion, diced
6 strips of uncured bacon, chopped into bite size pieces
1 large tomato, diced
Handful of fresh spinach, chopped
Shredded cheddar cheese
Salt & pepper to taste

- Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
- In a medium sized bowl, whisk eggs & milk together, season with salt & pepper, set aside.
- In a saute pan, cook your chopped onion & bacon together until soft/crispy, drain on a towel and set aside.
- In a deep saute pan (or an "everyday pan"), melt your butter, then pour in your egg mixture.
- Add everything else into the eggs: onion, bacon, tomatoes & spinach. Top with a generous amount of cheese and let everything cook on the stovetop for 5 minutes.
- After the sides have set, put the whole pan in the oven for 10-15 minutes or until the center is firm.
- I opted to add more cheese in the final few minutes of cooking. Because I really like cheese.

IMPORTANT: if your entire pan is stainless steel, you're fine. If your pan has a coated or plastic handle, wrap it very well in tinfoil before it goes in the oven. It's not a very high heat and it won't be in the oven for that long. There are also ways to cook a frittata where you cook it entirely in the oven in a casserole dish and skip the stovetop step. You'd have to google that though!

Everyday Pan - perfect for frittatas!
 Other yummy ingredients to add or substitute: mushrooms, sausage, salsa, feta cheese, mozzarella cheese, green pepper, ham. It's a great meal to clean out the fridge.