Flynn's 1st Fourth

Our Fourth of July was  tame compared to those of years past. Having a baby doesn't make events less fun, it just makes them different. For example, instead of lounging around with a beer in my hand, I was vigilantly applying sunscreen to Flynn and constantly checking his swim diaper to see if he went poopy. 

Even though you give birth to a baby, it still doesn't dawn on you that you're a mom until you're faced with certain tasks, like taking a baby to a pool. I drank 1/2 of a Miller Lite, but it's really not that enjoyable to drink when you're the one responsible for keeping someone from drowning.
[After the pool... exhausted]

We didn't make it to any professional fireworks displays this year (Flynn goes to bed at 8pm) so we enjoyed some surprisingly loud & awesome fireworks at my brother's house. Well, they weren't enjoyed by everyone...

My poor babe! He was absolutely terrified, which he expressed through screaming, kicking frantically & grabbing his Dad's shirt.  (And what did I do? Instagrammed it. I'm so awful). 
After a few, he got used to them and watched quietly.

Then, we left early and all went to bed.

The end.

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