Flynn's Sensory Bin

While browsing some blogs the other day, I saw a really great DIY activity/toy for babies that are Flynn's age (6+ months). That blog lead me to other blogs that raved about the same idea, and it turns out this is a popular concept among Montessori schools. I had vaguely heard of them before, but basically, it's an education approach built on independent learning, discovery rather than direction, mixed age classrooms and specialized educational materials developed by Maria Montessori. There are schools all over the country for children age 0-18, and many people home school their children using Montessori techniques.
A sensory bin, or "treasure basket," is a container you fill with all kinds of random things found around your house - (baby safe) objects of different colors, shapes, textures & sizes. You don't have to buy anything, just use your imagination! Babies always end up wanting to play with anything but their toys anyway, so I think this is a great way to let them explore safely, under supervision.

I walked around our house and filled Flynn's sensory bin in under 10 minutes. I'll add to it/subtract from it as he grows, too (or if I see that something is becoming unsafe).
  • Black cloth sack (that the Moby wrap came in)
  • Burp cloth
  • Natural sponge
  • Beer can koozie
  • Bulb aspirator
  • Whisk attachment to an electric mixer
  • Pom pom trim
  • Bink/Pacifier
  • Toy boat
  • 1/2 of a cardboard egg carton
  • Buttons tied on a loop of string
  • CD (shiny!)
  • Hair roller
  • River stone (large enough to not be swallowed)
  • Piece of ribbon
  • Felt square
  • Wooden curtain rod bracket
  • Sprouting jar lid
  • Plastic hair comb
  • Rubber bottle sleeve
  • Wine bottle cork
  • Gift box
  • Knitted bootie
  • Spice jar filled with beans (you could also use rice... he loves to shake it!)
Just over the past day or so, he has been so entertained by everything in the bin... and even the bin itself!

Hope everyone has a fun & safe Fourth of July. We are heading to the pool a little later with my brother's family (and 4 of Flynn's girl cousins). It'll be his first time in a pool - can't wait!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this list! Love the idea of creating this!


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