We gave our dog Valium & other weekend tid bits

I'm not into prescription drugs, or any drugs for that matter, but we have a hyperactive dog who gets VERY anxious in cars and spins in circles in the trunk. That, plus we have an 8+ hour car trip to the Outer Banks ahead of us. I was shocked at how quickly our vet handed us a bottle of Valium for Indy. The words "long car ride..." had barely come out of my mouth and I had pills in my hand. You'd think they would have something specially made for dogs. Nope. Regular old human Valium!

Our vet suggested we test it out once before our vacation to see how many pills Indy would need to be calm for the entire car ride. He's a 90 lb dog, after all.

We want Indy to be less like this... (they're playing, I swear)

And more like this.

Over the weekend, I was gone both Saturday & Sunday from 8am-2pm refereeing at a girls' lacrosse tournament in the area, so that means Tim was on Daddy Duty alone. What better time to drug your dog, am I right? Tim gave him 1 Valium and he was perfectly calm for about 2 hours. Clearly he'll require a higher dose for our trek to OBX. At least we know. Now, if you could only drug a baby...

KIDDING. So just kidding. We're hoping Flynn's new comfy convertible car seat + lots of radio tunes chills him out. He usually sleeps in the car, but we've never driven more than an hour away. Should be interesting. 

If anyone has tips for car travel with a baby & a dog, do tell!

P.S. - The heat did not kill me. PHEW. I want to thank bananas, trail mix & lemon water for keeping me energized & hydrated all weekend.


  1. Benadryl works as well (more of a sleepy thing, rather then chill) if you want to skip the vet. I give my dog Karmen 25mg. She's a 70lb Choc. Lab/Pit mix.

  2. We ordered a special toy that clips on to Wrig's carseat for our road trip. We also took turns in back playing with him and had to stop every 2 hours for changings, change of scenery, and nursing. He hated his carseat by the end!


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