Everyone loves a puppy

And when I say everyone, I mean ev-er-y-on-e.

We look Indy to the farmer's market on Saturday and he was literally SWARMED with people. Some of them were respectful and just asked how old he was, what his name was, if they could pet him, etc. Then, one lady picked him up without asking and jokingly (I think) told us she was going to steal him. Another idiot let her dog jump on top of him. Thanks, lady. Maybe keep one hand on your leash in crowded, public areas.

[our baby]
It was kind of funny to hear random people say "oh looooook" and "awwwwwh" as we walked down the street. I won't lie... it made me feel pretty proud to have such a cute little pup at my side. Good experience for Indy, too, since you're supposed to expose them to public places with other adults, dogs & kids as soon as possible to build up their confidence. But note to self, if you're ever in a rush, don't bring a puppy with you! It took us twice as long to do a simple errand because of our new family member, and he was so pooped afterwards that Tim ended up carrying him back to the car.

Indy's slowly getting a hang of the peeing outside thing. He actually goes to the back door now and waits for us to hook him up to his leash to take him out. Before he would pee on the way to the door, or right at it - very frustrating. But, for 9 weeks old, I'd say he's doing pretty well! He hasn't destroyed anything (except maybe our sleep habits) and even did great at the vet. Gained a whopping 5 lbs in one week! I have a feeling we're going to have a huge dog before we know it. Gotta keep taking pictures & videos while he's still got that little puppy potbelly and soft fur.

[sitting still... a rarity!]
New likes: going on walks, watching bunny rabbits, playing tug-of-war with a towel, getting treats for going potty outside, watching cars go by in the front yard (on his leash), classical music

New dislikes: the evil vacuum cleaner, baby gates, not being able to jump on the couch (it's still too high), waiting to be fed, when we ignore him (which rarely happens!)

[my boys!]

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