Puppy dog eyes

How could I ever get mad at this face?

I was never a dog person. I only had cats growing up.
But this little guy has won over my heart and can do no wrong.
He poops on the floor and I blame myself for not letting him out soon enough.
He tries to tear down curtains and I worry more about his little baby teeth than my curtains.
I feel so guilty putting him in his crate before I leave for work and have to run out of the house so I don't have to hear him whine.
I even asked my boss if I could leave work an hour early because I'm afraid he'll be lonely his first week home alone.
If I'm a total pushover for this puppy, what's going to happen with the baby?!

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  1. He is SO cute!! You are so brave bringing a puppy into your home before you're about to bring in a new baby! Good for you :) It will be fun. I love having a dog but even I wasn't brave enough to train a puppy. We got a 4 year old, lol. And I'm not even expecting! You will have lots of great pictures and fun adventures :)


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