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Step aside, Anthony Weiner.

He's not even born yet, so it's not scandalous to post pics of my boy's man-parts online. Or so I've decided! We were excited beyond belief to see that little thingy dangling between our babe's legs on the ultrasound screen. (To the left of where it says "BOY").

[20 weeks]
Here is another shot of the little dude who's been kicking me for the past few weeks.
Check out that big ole' head!
His body's got some catching up to do.
It would have been equally awesome to have a girl, but we are thrilled it's a boy. I grew up with 2 brothers and my husband is a guy (obvi), so he naturally knows the routine.

Here are some little boy things we're excited for:

- Matchbox cars/toy trucks
-Army men/camo/playing war
-Nerf everything
-Toy weapons/the ability to make anything into a weapon
- Teaching him to pee outside (not in public)
- Cutting his hair myself (buzzzzz)
- Not having to buy accessories like hair clips & tights
- Dressing him like Daddy
- Watching him romp around with the dog
- The energy that little boys have! It's just different from girls & that's a fact.
- Buying him a little lacrosse stick (like his Mommy)
- Buying him a little guitar (like his Daddy)
- Threatening to kill him if he gets a girl pregnant
- Glaring down any trampy girls that come around... make that any girls in general
- Watching him team up with his only boy cousin to torment his 5 girl cousins
- His first ER visit (it's inevitable)
- Building tree houses
-Making him kiss me goodbye in front of his friends... when he's 16
- Free lawn mowing for life

[He wanted to wear pink this morning. He told me.]

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS! That's so exciting! My husband and I are sooo not ready to have babies yet, but between you and me, when we do get there...I want a boy...like a ton! Cant wait to see the belly pics as the progress and the pic of the little guy once he gets here!


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