It's about time...

How long ago did we move in?
Oh yeah, it's been over a month and I finally have my sewing room set up!

It's actually the enclosed breezeway between the house and garage, but the owners installed handy shelving and a new tile floor to make it a more functional space. What was once their children's playroom is now my playroom. No more sewing/crafting at the kitchen table and having to clear everything off before dinner. This makes me happy :-)


It was basically a dumping ground for all of our extra stuff that we didn't feel like finding a home for after we moved in. The pile of boxes was really getting on my nerves, so while our pup was napping away on Memorial Day, I got down to business.  Indy doesn't know it yet, but once he's housebroken it will also be his area to hang out in while we're at work. Tile floor = easy cleanup after an accident. (Not that we're expecting it, but sh*t happens. Literally.)


[That window is begging for bamboo blinds!]

[In the frame are my grandmother's quilt squares and notes from her home economics class. A lovely bridal shower gift from my cousin, Rebecca!]

There is still some junk we need to get rid of, but annoyingly, bulk trash day only comes once a month. I also plan on putting a curtain over the window & door to keep the sun out when Indy is in there. I don't want anyone who pulls up the driveway to be able to see in. They might try to steal our cutie!

"Organized and it feeeeeeels so gooooood..."

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