Baby Junk

The world of babies can easily drain your bank account if you let it.
There are things that are marketed as "musts" for new moms and children. Somehow, their absence didn't cause any pain & suffering before they were invented.

I am always thinking about ways to simplify life for my own personal sanity, so Tim and I decided to draw the line when it came to certain baby items. We are nixing some because we flat out can't afford it (or don't think it's worth the money), and others because we just don't see the point. Feel free to disagree. This is just one pregnant lady's notion of what we are willing to live without.

1. Wipes Warmer
Sure, we want our baby's bum to be comfortable at all times, but we are taking a different route with wipes. Along with our reusable cloth diapers, we're doing reusable cloth wipes! Stack of soft washcloths, DIY backside cleaning solution in a spray bottle... done. Throw them in the wash along with the cloth diapers and throw them back on the clean pile. We do not think our baby will be scarred for life without an above-room-temperature hiney.

2. Designer Baby Room Furniture
The prices of some cribs make me want to vomit. They are more than one of my paychecks! Sorry, kid, as long as it's sturdy and meets current safety specs, it'll do. I'd like to see the study that says baby's sleep better in a $1,200 crib vs. a $100 crib.

[Mariah Carey's baby's room. Let's add that ginormous giraffe to the list, too.]
3. Diaper Genie
When you cloth diaper, you usually do laundry everyday. Dirty diapers go in a wet bag (waterproof bag that zippers & hangs on the back of a door) and then right into the washing machine. No big plastic bin that takes up space and requires refills. No stinky situation created by week-old diapers.

4. Changing Table
I'm talking about a separate changing table that doesn't serve any other purpose. We plan on using a small Ikea dresser with a changing pad on top. Two birds, one stone.

[The wasted space is killing me.]
5. Bumbo Seat
I've gone back and forth on this one, and decided that I'm only getting one if it's free or less than $10 at a resale shop. They retail for $40! It's a freakin' piece of molded plastic. I get it, your baby can sit up and see what's going on. But my cynical side says, "Clearly babies were happy, healthy and learned to sit on their own before the invention of the Bumbo seat." Who knows, maybe I'll end up getting one and loving it.

6. Diaper Stacker
Baby's top dresser drawer will be filled with 15 or so cloth diapers. We won't need to store stacks of disposable diapers anywhere... or bulk boxes of them either. Win-win.

7. Rocking Chair/Glider
We are sticking with the Ikea Poang chair that we already have. It kinda-sorta rocks/bounces. Those big, bulky gliders look so old fashioned and awful to me. Not to mention we don't have room for one. We will, however, be updating the Poang with a new $29 neutral-colored cushion (it currently has a bright red one).

8. Bottle Warmer
Most of the time, Baby Annan will be getting milk straight from the source, so we won't need a bottle warmer. If Mommy isn't around, there's the good old microwave (since we're using glass bottles) or the really good old pot of shallow water on the stove!

9. Pacifier Wipes
Okay, now this one is just straight up dumb. Rinse it off with warm water. Your kid crawls on the ground where it was most likely dropped and puts everything in his mouth. He'll be fine.

10. Bottle Sterilizer
We already have one. It's called the dishwasher.

[Bottle sterilizer, aka, counter space taker-upper.]
11. Alcohol Test Strips
I actually saw this on Kourtney & Khloe take Miami. Kourtney was out getting hammered drunk at a club, then came home and had to pump. She tested her breastmilk for alcohol with these special strips and dumped it out until it was back to normal. My solution? Don't get hammered drunk. However, after talking with my Mom who raised three healthy children, a glass of wine or two while nursing won't cause any harm.

[You're still my favorite celebrity mom, Kourt!]
12. New Baby Swing
Emphasis on new. I've heard from a lot of moms that their child didn't like certain swings, but you don't know that until it's paid for and assembled. I like the idea of a swing, but didn't want to waste a ton of money on one, so I bought a used swing in great condition from a nice lady on Craigslist... for 5 bucks. It retails for $130. Talk about a sweet deal. Now if Baby Annan hates it, I won't feel too bad about it.

Do any Moms out there agree? Disagree?
If I'm totally crazy and you desperately needed something on this list, by all means, tell me!
If there are any items I missed that I shouldn't waste my time on, I want to know.
I live by the 7 P's. Poor prior preparation promotes piss poor performance.
P #8 might be practicality. Or pure awesomeness.
Okay, I'm done now.


  1. I've been commenting on everything you write these days!
    BUT I COULD NOT AGREE MORE. I am not a mother yet, but it has always killed me to see how much "stuff" can be acquired when a baby comes into the picture... and like you said, women and babies were fine without all this mess before it was invented...
    Moving on, my other peeve is all of this brightly colored, plastic crap with stars and lights and sounds. I want my kids to play with wooden spoons and their toes. Is that too much to ask? But seriously, I will HAVE to limit the number of plastic toys in primary toys that my kids possess. Just for my sanity, if nothing else.
    I love all of these baby related posts recently! Congratulations!

  2. Haha, wooden spoons, LOVE IT and yes, that is what I want, too. I remember having some dolls, blocks, a few stuffed animals... and later on some play food & kitchen stuff. All very simple, and I turned out fine. Nothing had bright flashing lights or played crazy music. The primary colors trend drives me BONKERS. How are you supposed to calm & soothe a child when everything is screaming WAKE UPPPPPP?!

  3. I totally agree with almost everything! Bumbo seats are a MUST. I broke down and paid full price for one when my son was little. It was quite possibly the best 40 bucks I spent. Meg, I took it every where from room to room in the house so I could get things done, took it out to eat with us and would set it on the table so he was actually hanging out with me and not stuck in a car seat sitting on the bench where he was practically hidden. I took it when we were laying by the pool, or even put it in the bathroom so when all else failed I could get a quick shower while he was playing, content, safe, and just happy to be part of everything that was going on. Your just simply going to need a bumbo!!!

  4. totally totally agree about the wipe warmer, bottle warmer, and bumbo. waste of money! we used our bumbo MAYBE 4 times. he was sitting up so early we didnt need it. i am glad you got a swing....Bentley LOVED his swing! okay okay, MOM loved the swing lol. gave me time to get things done knowing he was buckled in safe and sleeping :) we did get a glider. i love it, but i got scolded by the pediatrician for rocking him to sleep when he was an itty bitty ( do you want him to get use to you rocking him to sleep? that will be the only way and he will not self soothe....shes a stickler :) ) instead of a changing table and dresser, we did the all in one and MAN am i glad...i havent used it as a changer since he was about 4 months old! i would suggest getting a booster seat. 1. it doesnt take up a god awful amount of room in the kitchen, 2. you can move it from chair to chair 3. you can take it out to eat with you ( comes with a snap on toy) 4. it can go to the grandparents and it really doesnt take up much room in the car! oh and its not one of those things you use for 4 months and then your done with it, were still using it 13months later! and plan on using it until hes able to sit at the table like a big boy :) the boucer seat, i feel was a waste. if you can, buy it second hand. you're not suppose to use it once baby can sit alone. i did use it for those first few months when i got a shower. plop him in it and off you go! i wish that people would have told me this stuff when i was pregnant. or more like i would have listened! bedding set for the crib....WASTE OF LOTS OF MONEY! the only thing you can use in the crib is the bedskirt, and fitted sheet! awesome! considering it comes with bumpers, and a comforter also. i could go on and on for days about what to not waste your registry on! we did use dr browns glass bottles and i really liked them. only lost one due to cracking ( not sure why it did even) im sure you get lots and lots of what to get and what not to get from other parents. i just love love reading your blog and i laugh out loud while i do :) Thanks!

  5. Since you asked, I'll give you my 2 cents. ;) All babies are different and could be more comfortable with any of these things, which may make your and baby's life MUCH easier. While I think that getting every baby device under the sun is too much, maybe being open to them once the baby is born may be advantageous. One of many examples of this is my son Eli. From birth Eli was a very high needs baby in the touch department (still is, in fact, we call him our little snuggler!). So when he cried at every diaper changing, we didn't know what was going on. Then a friend suggested the wipe warmer and BOOM, he was happy as a clam during changings. Evie had no problem whatsoever with normal wipes. Another example, infants love rocking because that is what they felt in the womb. It is comforting to them and it was especailly to Evie. When she was born, I found that movement soothed her immensely. So I wore her a ton and also rocked her to sleep. I still do in fact and we both love it. Point is, it is good to have a plan (and you have a stellar plan, especially with breastfeeding and doing natural labor...love it!), but just maybe be open to adjusting if needed once baby comes and you get to know his/her needs, which I am sure you will anyway. I am so excited for you to be a mom! It truly is the most rewarding and life changing experience you will ever have in life.

  6. Thank you ladies for all the wonderful input & advice! I'm positive we'll be changing our minds on quite a few items, depending on our little one's needs. And I'll be sure to blog allll about it :-) It's so great to have support from other Moms!


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