Baby Room Inspiration

Looks like our baby is going to have a cooler room than us. Figures!
We have yet to paint or hang up more than a clock in our bedroom.
Not knowing the time was driving us insane and we use our cell phones as alarm clocks.
(The fluorescent numbers on digital alarm clocks disturbs our precious sleep.)

I'm not going to reveal ALL of our decorating plans yet, but we are staying away from the typical palette of pastel colors and animal themes.
Us? Rebelling against the norm? Shocking!

I found this poster on AllPosters.com (thanks for the lead, Mom!) and fell in love with the tropical colors. I'm really digging a travel-themed room. It's not baby-ish, but definitely bright and fun. This poster just makes me happy when I look at it and I hear Barry Manilow singing "Copacobana." We're not trying to raise a communist baby or anything, but Cuba was once a cool place to visit before Fidel Castro took over and ruined it.

We have lots of random souvenirs from our Caribbean cruise that we went on back in 2008, and no where to display them. So why not incorporate them into the baby's room? "Look, baby, this is from when your parents were young, fun & single! Did you know a Red Stripe is cheaper than a bottle of water in Jamaica?"

They'll be learning something new everyday.

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