Goals for Motherhood

I'm a goal-setter. A lofty goal-setter. It makes me feel in control, and as a Type-A/Leo woman, I really dig that. So naturally, having babies & raising children delights me when I think of all the things I can do.
I may not achieve all of these goals, but they're what I'm striving for.

[I played lacrosse. It's a lacrosse goal. It's the first thing I thought of, okay?!]
My goals are...

-To politely but firmly tell co-workers/strangers who try to touch my belly, "Please don't do that. It makes me feel uncomfortable" instead of just dealing with it.
- To avoid unnecessary interventions during labor & birth.
- To politely decline visitors (aside from immediate family) for at least 2 weeks after birth.
- To avoid using an annoying "baby voice" as much as possible.
- To use cloth diapers (more on this later!)
- To nurse for at least 6 months.
- To encourage my husband to do as many things as possible with the baby (bonding is important, and so is Mommy sneaking out for a pedicure).
- To not blindly follow advice from others, and to trust my instincts as a mother.
- To keep my child's amount of toys & clothes reasonable & manageable.
- To ask other's for help when I need it.
- To make my own baby food.
- To embrace thrift shopping & hand-me-downs. We already scored a top-of-the-line Graco pack n' play in great condition for $51. (Retails for $250. Thanks, Mom!)
- To question, question, question advice from doctors and do my own research.
- To not get sucked into the mentality that just because I'm a mom, I have to look like one.

[Oh hey, I'm Gwen Stefani. I'm a mom & I still look rad 24/7]
And my #1 goal... is to always remember that I had a husband before I had a child, and he always comes first. If we don't maintain a happy & loving marriage, our parenting will suffer and the environment we're creating for our little munchkin won't be healthy.

Sorry to get all mushy on ya. Couldn't help it.

Oh, and I will not get a "mom" haircut or wear oversized sweatshirts to the grocery store. Nope. Won't do it!

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  1. CONGRATS, Meg and Tim! It still blows my mind to think we are old enough to be having babies - holy cow. These sound like great goals. Just wanted to leave you some blog love!


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