Snack Attack

I've always had a cheetah-like metabolism, but since I've had a baby inside me who's been stealing all my nutrients, I've been crazy hungry day and night. I gave in to some cravings early on to keep myself from vomiting (never did, by the way, I just love bragging about that!) but now I'm buckling down and making sure my snacks in-between meals are both filling and healthy.

[An everyday lunch during work.]
Clearly gaining weight is essential during pregnancy, but I'd like to stay in the 25-35 lb. range, which is what is recommended for my starting weight and body type.

These snacks are in my kitchen right now.
(Warning: I may start drooling as I type...)

Greek Yogurt
(Chobani lemon & pomegranate are my favs)
Roasted Cashews
(great for prime time TV munching)
Bananas & Peanut Butter
Granny Smith Apples
(tart & never mealy)
(rinse & enjoy plain)
(you'll feel like you're playing pee wee soccer again)
Cheese & Whole Wheat Crackers
(with a sprinkle of sea salt or squeeze of lime)
(look for the fewest ingredients possible)
(very high in sodium, so watch that)
PB&J Sandwiches
(homemade jelly courtesy of the Amish)

Have I broken down and raided the snack machine at work for Peanut M&M's? Heck yes! Life without chocolate would be a miserable existence. But no, I don't do that everyday. Or even every week. I still drink a cup of coffee every morning. Full caffeine. And eat fish often. And I accidentally breathed in paint fumes while I was refinishing a mirror over the weekend. Whoops... sorry, baby.

At least I'm acing the exercise part!
Reffing a lacrosse tournament in June when I'm 18 weeks and another one in July when I'm 22 weeks. I wonder what Baby Annan will make of all the whistle-blowing?

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