Half Baked

Our bun in the oven is almost halfway done!
I am 16 weeks along and feeling fab.

[That's my tired morning face. It goes away eventually.]
Baby A is the size of an avocado, moving around like crazy (although I can't feel more than a slight flutter every now and then) and can HEAR! How crazy is that?
I heard his or her heartbeat at my last appointment and am very excited for my husband to experience that awesomeness at my appointment on June 1st.
It's pretty miraculous and really gives you a different perspective on the whole situation. It's not just about how I'M feeling anymore... I do everything for that little heartbeat! Including foregoing dessert in favor of fruit, which is actually pretty sweet. Pun intended.

Not much else has changed. I get up in the middle of the night 2-3 times to pee. I think random children standing at bus stops are adorable. My mom and I scour Craigslist for deals on baby stuff. (And OH the deals we've found!) I have tons of energy and feel pretty darn great most of the time. This pregnancy is treating me well.

My husband is the cutest. He rubs my belly and says precious things like, "I can't wait to meet you!"

Me neither!

Butttt... I'm glad we have 5 more months to prepare. And sleep. And lay on the couch after dinner watching American Idol.

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