The return of... Awkward & Awesome Thursday!


- Going for a run at the park, and noticing that the girl coming the other way starts running whenever she sees me approaching. You don't have to impress me, lady, just walk if you feel like walking.

- A stink bug hanging out on the ceiling, directly over the stove where I'm cooking dinner. "I always feel like, somebody's watching meee..."

- Having my pants completely unbuttoned at work while I'm sitting at my desk. The belly has a mind of it's own these days!

- Filling out the "food log" for my midwife and feeling an intense urge to lie about what I ate.

- My husband describing me as "round all over." Let's just pretend that never happened.

- Looking forward to May birthday cake at work... since April. (My birthday's not even until July.)

- The ginormous dog crate sitting in our living room. And we don't even have the dog yet.

[Yes, it's larger than our TV & TV Stand combined.]


- Strawberries on salad w/ balsamic vinegar... trust me on this one.

- Thrifting for baby & maternity stuff. If you aren't doing this, you're missing out on some amazing deals!

[Craigslist, $5. No joke.]
- Getting in shape gradually from refereeing lacrosse without even realizing it.

- Country music in the summertime

- Talking to people from The South on the phone at work. Something about their twang makes them sound cheerful!

- My skin finally clearing up. (Hormones, you are the devil.)

- Oversized mirrors. They always make your house look better.

- The fact that my husband went flat rate at work & is killin' it! This means if a job has a pre-set time of 3 hours, and he gets it done in 45 minutes, he still gets paid for 3 hours of work. He made 16 hours yesterday... umm yeah, I am  one proud wife :-)

- This beach cover-up I ordered from Victoria's Secret. Meow!

[Not me.]


  1. I love Victoria's Secret and I'm loving that cover-up. So fun! Cute blog!


  2. I heart country music :) and that's funny and the bottom of the VS picture you put "not me" haha I dunno, that just made me giggle

    Lovely Little Rants

  3. Dog crate and no dog!!
    Baby swing and no baby!!

  4. Why do men sometimes make the worst mistakes? They just don't understand what the other side feels like sometimes. With a mass amount of horomones.


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