Weekend Wrap-up

Taking the day off on Friday was heavenly. Indy was scheduled to be neutered, so I dropped him off at our vet's office around 9am (I was a little emotional leaving my baby there... is that weird?) I got home & the house was completely silent... ahhh... peace. Did I take this opportunity to relax? Of course not. Like any pregnant, nesting woman I cleaned the crap out of that house! The crevice tool on my vacuum cleaner got an extensive work out. I even vacuumed the couch cushions & throw pillows and did a couple loads of laundry.

Around noon, I realized I hadn't eaten anything yet. Must have been running on pure cleaning adrenaline. So I made myself a grilled cheese sandwich with some carrots & hummus and sat down at the kitchen table to do some vaccine reading. We had just met with a pediatrician (and loved him) a few days earlier, so I wanted to thoroughly research the 3 immunizations he strongly recommends. I won't go too far into that because it's a very touchy subject. But I will say this... we're not following the CDC's guidlines. 'Cause we're rebels like that.

I called the vet after lunch and was surprised to hear that Indy was already out of surgery, awake and had been out on a walk & fed. So much for getting anything else done... but I kinda missed my pupsters and was excited to pick him up.

This was Indy for a few minutes on the ride home. And then he was up & sticking his head out the window for the rest of the drive like nothing even happened. Seriously, dogs (especially puppies) are resilient. Stitches on my privates? What stitches?

We went to our favorite breakfast place on Saturday morning, Penn's Table, and got a table outside since we brought Indy (they love pets). It was 65 degrees, sunny and the briskness felt fab. It's sweater weather!

On Saturday afternoon, Tim got to work assembling strollers and installing car seat bases. Indy helped.
Sunday marked Indy's 6 month old birthday. We are at times completely aggravated by this dog, but just love him to pieces.

This week, I'm entering week 35 of pregnancy.
Maternity leggings are officially my favorite pants to wear.

On Sunday, we watched the Eagles lose at my brother's house (but got to see 4 of our adorable nieces, so that's an automatic win!) Back at home, we flipped on the Phillies and I'm the only one who could stay awake. But I'm glad I did because I got to see this. Adorable.

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