Baby Project: Nursing Cover

If you're interested in making a nursing cover, you're probably not just going to do it for fun. You're planning to breastfeed! First things first, read up on your state's breastfeeding laws. Yes, the act of a mother feeding her child in public was at one time considered "indecent exposure" and laws had to be passed to protect the rights of nursing mothers. Crazy, right?
Photo taken from www.nursingfreedom.org
I still see articles (like this one) pop up now and then about a woman being asked to move into the restroom of a public area because the act of nursing her child was somehow perceived as indecent. (Using what God gave us to feed our babies? Oh, the horror!)

Of course, not every mom feels comfortable just whipping out a boob, so nursing covers are a nice way to feed your hungry baby wherever & whenever without getting uncomfortable stares from passersby.
You can buy brand name nursing covers and Etsy is loaded with cute ones, but I found a tutorial on one of my favorite crafty blogs and decided to make my own. It was surprisingly simple and also cost less than buying a pre-made cover. All you need is 1 yard of fabric, a pair of metal D rings, and a 14" piece of boning (which is a stiff, curved thingy to make the rounded semi-circle at the top of the nursing cover, enabling you to look down & see what your baby is up to).

I love how it turned out & can't wait to use it!

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