Quickie Curtain

Making a simple, valance curtain is ridiculously easy. All you need to know are the following:

1. How to operate an iron
2. How to use a ruler/measuring tape
3. How to use scissors
4. How to sew a straight line

Measure your window. Measure & cut your fabric. Sew some hems. Sew an opening at the top large enough for your curtain rod to fit through. Hem the bottom... and you have a curtain! Okay, if you've never sewed before, you might want to look up a tutorial or study a pre-existing curtain you want to duplicate, but after you've made one, my over-simplified directions make perfect sense, I swear.

The matchstick blinds we put up in our bathroom window recently grew black mold. Yummy. Most likely due to the long, steaming hot showers I've been enjoying lately. Once the baby is here, I won't have time for such frivolity so I better squeeze them in now! The moldy blinds went in the trash and I decided to replace them with a simple curtain to keep the neighbors eyes out of our bathroom.

After a week of hanging bath towels over the window while my fabric was being shipped, our bathroom no longer looks like a frat house. I used 1.5 yards of Michael Miller "Secret Garden" fabric and a tension rod I already had that just happened to fit the window perfectly.

Total cost = $12.

If the curtain gets musty from bathroom steam, I can just throw it in the wash instead of the trash. And I love how it kinda looks like stained glass with the bathroom light off!

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