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Tutorials are fantastic for visual learners like myself. People are always asking where I find ideas for craft & sewing projects, so I thought I'd share my favorite tutorials with you from various blogs and websites. Some of these things I've made and some are on my "to-make" list. Basically, anytime I come across one I like, I save it to my Favorites list.  Needless to say, it's becoming a pretty long list!

These are also projects that would make great Christmas gifts! I know, I know, no one wants to talk about Christmas yet, but if you start planning for it now, it'll be a more joyous time of year and you won't have to pay retail and deal with crowded parking lots. Plus, it'll be from the heart... awwwh.

Infinity Scarf Tutorial

Basic sewing supplies, less than 2 yards of fabric and you can have 2 of these beauties.
One for yourself and one as a Christmas gift. Flannel is nice, but you can also use a stretchy knit fabric or even linen. Depends on the style you want to achieve.

Wine Gift Bag Tutorial

This is one of those addictive projects. Once you make one and realize how easy it is, you'll end up making 5 more. Great for gift giving, and then your recipient can reuse them at BYOB's.

Magazine Gift Bow Tutorial

Another fun & creative way to wrap up your Christmas gifts. I went nuts one year and made like 40 of these. Now I have a container full of them and whenever I need to wrap a gift, I just use plain paper and slap on a colorful bow.

Tote Bag Tutorial

You could easily get carried away with this project, as well. Reusable bags are all over the place now and I feel like I never have enough of them. (I actually feel guilty when I forget mine and walk out with my goods in plastic.) This alone could be a gift, or you could fill on with more homemade goodies. I'll take one filled with tums. This preggo heartburn is killing me.

French Pouf Tutorial

Stick one of these anywhere & it's instantly cuter.

Citrus Scrub Tutorial

Move over, Bath & Body Works. (Does anyone still shop there, anyways?)
Package your DIY scrub in a fancy jar with some ribbon and gift away!

Potted Wheat Grass Tutorial

This is another great gift that looks expensive, but it's so not. Maybe you wouldn't give this as a Christmas gift. Hostess or housewarming gift... absolutely. These would look super cute lining a windowsill in the winter. Green grass... remember that?

Wool Poncho Tutorial

This is one project I need to jump on while it's currently in style.
You don't have to sew ANYTHING. No excuses. You have to make one now.

And since we're talking about the holidays, enjoy this little number!

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