Precious Weekends

Tim and I treasure our weekends, especially these last few, precious, child-free weekends. I mean, Baby A is always along for the ride in my stomach, but this is the most laid back and maintenance free that he'll ever be.

Don't get us wrong, we can't wait to meet the little guy and dote on him 24/7, but we're slowly realizing that being able to say "Hey, let's go out to dinner" is a luxury.

On Friday night, we enjoyed a yummy slow cooker meal of beef & vegetable soup (recipe coming this week). I have a feeling that crock pot is going to be reaaaaal tired after this winter.

I woke up Saturday morning with a hankering for apple cider donuts. They are a local favorite that always symbolize the transition into fall and make the end of summer a tad more bearable. We brought Indy along for the ride and he enjoyed hanging his head out the window the whole way. The colder the better as far as he's concerned.

Then I got serenaded by this fine gentleman, to whom I happen to be married to.

After cleaning the bejesus out of our house while Tim took the pup on a long walk, we ran errands which included a stop at my favorite store - Christmas Tree Shops. Tim always says the same thing when we're in there. "There is so much random crap here." Yep, and that's why I love it! You go in there needing nothing and walk out with a huge bag of stuff that you only paid $15 for. What's not to love? I actually DID need a few things and this is one of them.

You see a placemat. I see a clutch purse. More on that later.
Just call me the Queen of Suspense.

We went out to possibly THE BEST Indian restaurant on Saturday night. Star of India, West Chester, Pennsylvania, Planet Earth... look it up. Anyways, we've been into Indian food for about the last year or so and I keep saying I'm going to learn how to cook it, but so far we've only made some chicken marinated in Indian spices on the grill. In time...

I never thought I was a spicy food kinda gal, but that's because I was associating anything spicy with how hot wings set my mouth on fire, and Indian spices are so not evil like that. They are spicy in an "ooh, that's got a kick to it!" way.

Their garlic naan was fresh baked and amazing. We're taking our friends Rachael & Dave there next weekend as well, because they've been wanting to try Indian food and we need another night out before baby!

37 weeks
This is the current state of my stomach. It really accents my double chin nicely, don't you think? Haha. I really shouldn't complain. I've had an easy breezy pregnancy and this isn't even a maternity dress! Forever 21, I think. And my favorite boots are back in action. I'm gonna wear the crap out of them again this winter, especially since I'll be living in tights & leggings.

Tim snapped this as we were headed out to the baby shower his Mom threw for me on Sunday. It was lovely to catch up with his aunts & cousins - including one that is also expecting! Needless to say, Baby Annan is totally set on adorable clothes, books, stuffed animals & cozy blankets. He'll definitely be dressed better than me for the first 6 months of his lucky little life!

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