artsy fartsy

Props to whoever came up with that phrase. My mom would always say it when I was growing up and I still think it's hilarious. Fart. Hehehe.

Okay, more about weddings. Sorry, I can't help it! 8 days left until I'm married and then I'll shut up already.

In addition to all the amazing wedding photos our apartment will be adorned with in the near future, I keep finding tons of cool wedding/marriage-themed wall art that I just adore.

Classic Wedding Paintings

"Signing the Wedding Registry," Edmund Leighton


I don't know what this one is called! A co-worker e-mailed it to me.

Art Prints

By theloveshop on Etsy (8x10)

By fancyprints on Etsy (11x14)

By senterstudios on Etsy (multiple photos of every letter available, the idea being to spell out your new last name!)

 Wedding gifts to myself? Don't mind if I do!

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