eve of the new year

Tonight, you will not find my husband and I at an overpriced, crowded New Years Eve party in Philadelphia with crappy champagne and cold hors d'oeuvres (yes, I had to google how to spell that).

Nor will you find us sweaty, exhausted and moving boxes to our new apartment like we were last year.

We made reservations at a fabulous new Indian-Thai bistro in West Chester called Spice. We're gonna spice up the new year, woo hoo! I'm a little excited, can you tell? Their menu is divine and they're also BYOB. My favorite! I'm bringing a great bottle of red wine that a co-worker gave me (an '04 from Sonoma Valley, sounds expensive) and we're getting dressed up all fancy pants to go out! Yay!

Us, fancy pants, October 2010

Instead of counting down to 2011 at a crappy local bar filled with slutty girls and Situation-wannabes, we're planning on relaxing in our quaint backyard around the new fire pit. Maybe some friends will stop by. Maybe we'll make s'mores. Definitely bundling up. But not TOO much, since it's going to be a "warm" December night. Only a low in the mid-30's. Hey, I'll take it.

Tim's favorite Christmas present, besides me.

Quaint is my way of saying uber small & cramped.

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