monday morning miracle: dry shampoo

If you haven't already heard, dry shampoo is the new black. It's all I've been hearing about. Oh, you have to buy some. Buy some? Me? I don't think so. My life motto is slowly becoming why buy what you can make?

Scenario: You have an iPhone that's supposed to be the best invention ever. You rely on this piece of technology for pretty much everything, including your alarm clock. You set the alarm the night before for 6:45 am (not pm, definitely am, you double check this setting). You open your eyes and your husband is out of the shower. Dressed. Drinking coffee. Getting his coat on. %@#&! It's 7:30! You leave for work at 8!
If your hair is super greasy like mine, you HAVE to wash it everyday. Like, you feel completely disgusting leaving the house without washing it. Gross. Dirty. Homeless. Shameful.

Normally, upon realizing that I woke up late, I'd rush around like a maniac trying to squeeze my normal hour morning routine into 30 minutes. I'd forget to pack a lunch, put on mascara (which is slowly becoming as important to me as oxygen) and be completely frazzled by the time I got to work (late).

However... this was not the case this morning! I woke up at 7:30, cursed, then had an idea. While I don't actually own dry shampoo, I read a handy little tutorial a few weeks ago on how to make your own. Furthermore, since I didn't have time to throw four ingredients together, I just used one. AND. IT. WORKED.

Baking Soda. Sprinkled on my scalp. Rubbed in. Brushed out. TA-DA! I don't look like a vagrant.

And when I get home, I'm making the real deal & storing it in a parmesan cheese shaker. Genius.

Photo from http://www.petitelefant.com/

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