weekend wrap-up: o' tannenbaum


Left work early to do some grocery shopping, cleaned the apartment & got ready for our family to come over for a little pre-Christmas parade party.

Most of the fam came over around 6pm, minus a few who were either getting or getting over the terrible stomach flu that's been going around. We had some food & drinks then bundled up for the parade. While it dropped to a low of 29 degrees that night, we watched what seemed like every high school marching band from the tri-state area. 

Best band: West Chester University
Biggest band: Downingtown East & West (who are headed to the Rose Bowl)
Band with the most rhythm: Cheyney University

Mixed in were lots of classic cars, ethnic dance groups, fire engines, random clowns on motorized scooters, baton twirlers, Phil & April Margera, girl scout troops and of course... SANTA!! "I know him... I know him!" (Buddy the Elf)


Tim was still getting over his chest/head cold (with the help of a new secret weapon, colloidal silver) and there was a Harry Potter marathon on TV... so guess what he did all day?

I'll admit, I did watch some HP, but I can't sit still for long, so I did some cleaning & got our guest room ready for Jackie & Jay who get into town this Thursday. And by get ready, I just mean move all of our wedding/Christmas gifts to the storage closet.


We dragged ourselves out of bed bright & early to go to church (Calvary Lutheran) since Grace & Caroline were singing in the kids choir, which was adorable, obviously. Then we learned about Chrismons in the sermon, took communion (breakfast) and headed home. It was a nice day and Tim was feeling a heck of a lot better, so we decided we better get our Christmas tree before the crazyness of wedding weekend ensued. $45.00 and 7 feet later and we have a gorgeous sparkling tree in our living room! Let the holiday season begin!

Oh, and I made the most random dinner ever. A whole roasted artichoke, steamed carrots, sweet potato fries and leftover turkey with gravy. Say whaaat? I don't even know, but it hit the spot.

7 foot tree in the Integra... who would have thought?

Out of the shot is the vacuum cleaner standing ready.

Ooooh. Ahhhh.

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