bake-fest 2010

I caught a serious case of housewife fever this weekend. What else could have possessed me to bake ALL WEEKEND LONG? Let me tell you, baking looks way more fun on TV when there are producers and assistants to measure out your ingredients and put them in little glass bowls. It's probably also more fun when you're not lactose intolerant. Whomp whommmmp.

Baking is WORK... not fun. My back hurts, my feet hurt, my kitchen floor is now filthy (more-so than it was to begin with) and now I have a kitchen table stacked with treats that don't even look appetizing to me anymore. I may have to steal my BFF Jackie's chinese take-out box idea and start filling them for random neighbors & friends.

I made...
Crispy Peanut Butter Eggs (they're covered in chocolate... mmm)
Sugar Cut-out Cookies (not a fan of the recipe I found online, should have used my Mom's!)

Tim was on sprinkle duty

Fruits of my slave labor

After Bake-Fest 2010 on Saturday afternoon, we had our first "ugly sweater" Christmas Party to attend at the apartment of our newly engaged friends (yay, Sheri & Matt!) Tim entertained people with Matt's guitar (his guitar's twin) and I drank wayyyy too much egg nogg.

Yes, I know we're not wearing ugly sweaters. Believe it or not, Goodwill & Sal Val were completely sold out. We did our best, get off my back!

On Sunday, we drove to the classiest part of Pennsylvania for the annual Taylor Christmas Party where we have the biggest pollyanna gift exchange in history, a visit from Santa, and an endless buffet of food & desserts. I won't be hungry until tomorrow. On a side note, Tim really wanted to stop into this automotive shop for an application but they weren't hiring. Bummer :-/

And guess who still needs to get presents for her husband? This girl.


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