introducing the new mr. & mrs.

December 11, 2010... The day I married my best friend & became Mrs. Tim Annan! Or Megan Taylor Annan... I'm still transitioning, okay? I kind of can't bear the thought of dropping Taylor completely because it's such a solid, classic name. Maybe we'll name one of our kids Taylor and then I'll be able to say it/write it/think it on a daily basis. Win-win.

Quick Wedding Review

Weather: mid-40's, partly cloudy
Church: warm, bright, candle-lit, festive
Bride: retro-styled, shakey, excited
Groom: devilishly handsome, anxious, ready
Vows: meaningful, traditional, powerful
Guests: supportive, teary-eyed, ready-to-party!
Reception: classy, simple, tasty, joyful
After-Party: loose, loud, lots of laughter
Overall: smooth, heartfelt, planned, perfect

We're anxiously awaiting our professional photos, but until then, check out the album I threw together on our wedding website of photos our friends snapped.

Like every bride says, it goes by so quickly! And yes, all the planning, thousands of e-mails, stress & mini-breakdowns were worth it. To everyone who was a part of our wedding day... we can't thank you enough.

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