weekend wrap-up: NYE

Quick note: If you let your cats wander around town & they start hanging out in my yard, I WILL feed them. I can't help it. It's just in my nature to assume that random cats are homeless and I feel compelled to take care of them.

My "adopted" kitties after they enjoyed their tuna.

SO ANYWAYS... about New Year's Eve! We ate dinner at Spice Indian-Thai Bistro and it blew our minds. We both ordered an Indian dish (Tim had lamb, I had chicken) and it was as if we suddenly became judges on Iron Chef. We used a lot of descriptive words while eating and said "mmmm!" about 20 times each. Then we laughed at ourselves and were glad no one was listening because we sounded like idiots.

We walked back to our apartment with a half-empty bottle of wine, changed into comfy clothes, and Tim went out back to get the fire pit going. (He is a professional fire starter). I rigged up the iPod speakers so we could enjoy some tunes outside and got the s'mores accoutrement ready. Then we relaaaaaaaaaxed. Well, I relaxed & drank some more wine. Tim mainly poked around in the fire with a stick. So it could reach it's full heat-producing, log-burning potential. Obviously.

Our friends, Josh & Ashlee, who were actually moving all day (like we were the year before), walked a whopping 1 block to our place and enjoyed our fire for a little bit. At around 11:30 pm, we decided to crash a party! Well, not really. I think they were invited. And we kinda just showed up. It's all good. We're cool people, right?

Make some nooooooise!
Hope everyone had a safe & happy New Year!

Our resolution is to make 2011 our b*tch.

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