$25 Dresser Upgrade

This is the second knob change-up this dresser has received. 
Considering the dresser was free to begin with... two upgrades at $25 each ain't bad!

It came with the matching brown wooden knobs.
Then I switched them out for these babies a few years ago...

... which I just sold on eBay for the same price I paid for them.
So, according to my logic, I got the latest set for free.
I feel awesome.

Changing out hardware and painting are the cheapest & most dramatic ways 
to give your furniture new life (or so I've read on various DIY blogs). Home Depot, Lowes & various discount hardware websites, like this one, have great deals. I love Anthropologie's hardware but buying it would completely defeat the purpose of a cheap upgrade.

$10/knob x 14 knobs = out of my budget

I'd love to paint this guy, but I'm not sure how much longer we're going to be in our apartment and I don't want to commit to a color scheme.
It's complicated.

[I was halfway done taking the knobs off when I remembered the before pic... whoops!]

[Forgive the terrible lighting, they are actually silver.]

My husband loves his snazzy upgraded t-shirt & undie storing device. 
That's pretty much all he owns, hence the need for an entire dresser to house them.
(And he thinks I have too many clothes! Psshh.)

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