It's been awhile...

My last post was 5 days ago.
Did you guys think I was dead?
Thankfully, I'm not.
Just really, really boring & uninspired lately.
My bad.

[The highlight of my weekend was playing Oscar bingo...]
Last week I tried to sew a supposedly easy potholder using bias tape and it turned out so horribly that I cried my eyes out (my husband thought I was losing my mind).
I hate a) failing and b) wasting time.

Work has been busy because of a bank refinancing.
No time to brainstorm blog ideas.

The weather has been so-so. Kinda rainy & drab.
Not good for my motivation.

Excuses, excuses!
I need to quit my bellyaching and do something cool
so I have things to blog about.


1. Make a to-do list (check!)
2. Make homemade thin mints & give you the recipe
3. Secretly eat all of homemade thin mints
4. Feel guilty & make a salad for lunch the next day

5. Go thrift shopping with Mom
6. Share more wedding photos on blog
7. Vacuum the car (not exciting, but desperately needed)
8. Make a spring purse
9. Get in shape for lacrosse season
10. Learn to make Tim's favorite Indian meal: lamb chettinad
So yeah, I better get on these before you're bored to death with my blog.

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