Birthday Dinner

My PA fam got together for a birthday celebration on Saturday night.

Happy Birthday, Eric & Amy!

Another year older, but still keepin' it gangsta.

Instead of birthday cake, we did birthday homemade chocolate ice cream.
So what if it's freezing cold outside? Ice cream is not just for the summer.
It's good all the time.

It was clearly a hit with these little ladies, too.

And these littler ladies.

I played Trouble with my nieces, Grace & Caroline, and I don't know what is with that game, but it takes FOREVER. We ended up declaring a three-way tie. Grace is growing up way too fast for my liking. At one point during the game she declared that something was "incredibly bad." She's 6. 
Then (since we were all trying to "pop" a 6 so we could move another piece out) she all decided we should put our hands in the middle on top of each other and shout "SIX!" 
And we did. Love it.
[My dad & Claire]
[Mediterranean goodness]

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  1. Hahahaha -- just noticed the tv picture behind A&E's gangsta photo!


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