That's a wrap!

Throw pillow madness has come to an end. For now...

They still have that stiff look, like I just brought them home from the store.
But the store is actually my kitchen.
The only thing I'll be looking for in a house (when the time comes) is a sweet sewing space.
Or room! Oooh, a whole room... that would be dreamy.

But until then, I will pack up & move everything into another room when we need the whole kitchen table. Such is life.

In better news, I am loving my new couch pillows.
Making pillows seems intimidating, but the tutorials over at Freshly Picked make everything so easy. 
All you need is the basic supplies and some good tunes!
Tonight I was gettin' the Led out.

Oh, Rosie. Oh, girrrrrrrrrl. Steal away now. Steal awaaaaaaay.

[Polka dot pillows: Ikea]

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