The Friday Five: Things I'm After

And if I don't get all the things I am after... I'm going to screaaamm!

So maybe I don't get all Veruca Salt when I want something. But I will occasionally get the thought of a certain item lodged in my brain, accompanied by an overwhelming feeling that I must have it immediately. That it will somehow change my life for the better.

(Note to self: it usually doesn't.)

Now that I've made myself seem completely unstable, here are 5 things I've
had my big crazy eyes on.

1. Key Pendants



Dream on.

[Tiffany & Co.]

 2. A New Do

[Photo credit]

[Photo credit]
I need a haircut & some high/low lights badly. And I cleverly chose my husband's 2 favorite Hollywood ladies so he would subconsciously love the hairstyle I was going for.
Sneaky, sneaky.

3. Bamboo Salt Keeper

[Crate & Barrel]

I do that Food Network thing when I cook now. I grab a pinch of salt from a small container & nonchalantly toss it in the food. I want to replace the plastic container I'm using sooo bad. (Valentine's Day is coming up, Tim... wink!)

4. Letter Wall Decor

So cute. So trendy. Our bedroom needs these LOVE letters in blue.

If you're fed up with love, this option is also available from the same Etsy shop.

5. Madeleine Cookie Mold

Tim and I saw Giada making these adorably yummy cookies and since then I've had my eye on a Madeleine pan. But how many times am I really going to make them?
Will my love of cookies overcome my hatred of baking?
Stay tuned, folks.

Have an amazing Valentine's Day weekend with your sweetie!

And if you're single, just remember, Valentine's Day is a completely made-up Hallmark holiday and really no different than any other day.

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