Pretending it's Spring

Mother nature gave us a small dose of Spring over the weekend, 
and we took full advantage of it.

So what else has been going on lately? Hmm, let's think. 
Tim bought be some great perfume from Victoria's Secret. 
[How cute is the bottle!?]

I've never really been a perfume girl (I shower, I'm clean, what's the point?) but 
this stuff is amazing. I literally smell like a burlesque dancer. 
But not a trashy, gross one.  Think Dita Von Teese.

Ran for the first time in 2 months. THAT was interesting. I did a little over 2 miles and almost vomited afterwards. My leg muscles hated my guts he next day. Gotta push on though. I start reffing girls' lacrosse again in mid-March. My 3rd season! And I still feel like I have no idea what I'm doing.

The hunt is on for a solution to our boring non-working fireplace.
This is what it looks like right now.

We nabbed the grate from my parents house & believe it or not, I snagged the birch logs on eBay! They are real but way too small for this huge fireplace and I am getting angry with their lameness. 
I've googled lots of solutions: potted plants, stacks of books, giant candles, giant glass vases... but none of them are calling out to me. Do you guys have any ideas? 
I'm looking to spend no more than $30. 
I'm thinking of thrifting for a shelf or something. I can't describe it.

I always need a little project to keep me occupied. 
Can't ever sit still :-)

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  1. makes me want a bonfire. like, right now. (:

    i think i just now read your "post a comment" comment, and i think that just about made me smile like nobody's bussiness. just saying.


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