Awkward & Awesome Thursday!

The noise you involuntarily make when you semi-slip on ice. You know, when your one foot slides and your other foot maintains traction? If I had to spell it, it would look like this: "oooauuugghhhww!"

Scavenging around the office for lunch. On Tuesday I ate 2 wrinkly clementines and some giant chunks of cheese that we got as a gift from Mississippi State University. We provide them discounted cable service. They provide us cheese. I'll take it.

Wedding registry lists that you literally can’t afford one thing from.
Hope they like handmade oven mitts…
[Waterford Votive, $100. No joke.]
The guy working behind the seafood counter at the grocery store asking me if I realize that the salmon steaks I asked for are $5.99/each. Great. I guess I look like someone who can’t afford salmon.


Running out of windshield wiper fluid, and realizing that if I tailgate someone as they drive down a wet road, their car will splash water onto mine, thus enabling me to clean my windshield. Thank you, fellow highwayman. For the H2O and for not breaking suddenly.

Getting an e-mail from Susan at Freshly Picked asking for photos of the envelope pillows I made using her tutorial. She is a sewing & crafting genius. I mean, Mason Dash Disick wears her Moccasins, hellooo.

[People Magazine Celebrity Baby Blog]
 A whole week without snow.

The Valentine’s brunch I’m planning for my very deserving husband. I didn’t make it yet, but in my head, it’s gonna be (as Fergie would say) t-t-t-tasty tasty.

We found a garage to rent! It fell into our laps and it’s only $35/month. What did you say?! You heard me. Half a garage actually, but its right next door and in the allyway, so another car can be parked behind our side. The storage possibilities are giving me heart spasms.

Baseball season is upon us. 

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  1. LOVE this!!! yummm id love to scour the office and found cheese, hopefully it wasn't too old though!! i linked up to awkward and awesome today too for the first time! :)



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