Super Sew Sunday

Our bedroom has been getting the royal treatment lately.
First, we changed out the bed frame.
Then, we bought a fresh, white duvet cover (which has stayed surprisingly clean).

And instead of guzzling beer & making football bets all weekend, I got to work on new throw pillows for her majesty, our queen bed.
(See how I did it here.)

I re-covered 2 brown pillows from Pier One and picked up a new pillow form & fabric at Joann's.


Since I had some leftover fabric, I decided to make a little skirt for the naked cabinet in our 2nd bedroom. We bought it from Target and of course, the doors fell off after about 6 months of use (actually, one broke off and then Tim ripped the other one off to make it even). To make a little cover-up like this, just measure, add an inch to each side for hemming, cut your fabric of choice, iron a double fold on each side & sew it up.
I attached it to the cabinet with Velcro dots.

Now our hussy cabinet can regain her dignity.

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