Recipe Wed: Curried Chicken

My husband and I have been spicing things up lately... in the kitchen!
Bow chicka bow wow.

Not only do certain spices make your meals taste amazing, they're also good for your health.

Turmeric (found in curry powder & mustard) is rich in antioxidants & fights inflammation.
Cumin is an excellent source of iron and helps digestion & bloating.
Cinnamon helps improve circulation, inflammation & has blood thinning properties.
Ginger contains antioxidants and helps with digestion, nausea & gas.

If you're like, "Golly gee, Meg, that sounds neat," you can read more about health & spices here.

My new favorite dinner helper is this little jar of curry paste above.
I  followed the handy recipe on the jar to make curried chicken . It was only for 2 people so I doubled it. We love our leftovers!
Unfortunately, my co-workers didn't feel the same when I reheated it at work the next day... it's pretty pungent.

It's also helpful for opening up the sinuses.
And it's supposedly the non-spicy "mild" kind. Yeah, right!
[Diced tomatoes, onion, water, curry paste & chicken.]
[It's traditionally served with rice, but we love our cous cous. Especially the plain Far East kind.]

You can find similar recipes on Patak's website.
Or just do what I did and read it right off of the jar!

This meal could become a new weekly staple. So so good.


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  1. Meg, I love your recipes! I'm currently training for a fitness competition as well as trying to slim down for my wedding and finding new ways to eat clean is sometimes pretty difficult. This curried chicken looks amazing, I'm definitely going to have to try it.


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