The Bachelor & other stuff

 I did a few Bachelor recaps & people liked them. And then I stopped.
I was literally taking pages of notes during each episode like a good little student and I realized it was taking away from my Bachelor-watching experience.

However, I do feel compelled to make a few comments about last nights episode since it's getting down to the wire. He sent Ashley home (because when she talked about her future, she didn't consider Brad at all) and in 2 weeks we'll find out if he proposes to Emily (sweet southern blonde, traumatic past, 5-year-old daughter) or Chantal (curvy brunette, rich family, down-to-earth, very in love with Brad).

It REALLY irritates me that we have to wait 2 weeks and watch the stupid reunion show in the meantime. The girls will just b*tch about who they didn't like in the house and crazy Michelle will talk more about her black eye. But I will watch it.
You win, ABC, you always do.


Tonight I'm going to start taking pictures of my apartment for a future post.
I'll let your mind wander...

And I want to document our current place as much as possible since we might not be living there much longer. Hi-oh! Big changes are a-comin'.
No, we're not buying a house (yet).
I think only rich people can afford houses these days.
At least where we live.
Thanks, housing market.


Check out Joy's sweet apron!
She was one of the giveaway winners.
I feel bad that it's all wrinkled though.
I should have rolled it & mailed it to her in a poster tube or something.
Mental note...


  1. Brad is not going to pick either one! He is going to leave empty handed once again. Just saying! (I do however hope that it is Emily.)

    Also agree with the stupid 2 week wait! "You win, ABC, you always do."

  2. Uggh BECKY don't make me all stressed out! He has to pick someone. He just has to! I like Emily, but I think it'll be Chantal. Which is b.s. b/c he just told Emily "I'm falling in love with you" and all that mumbo jumbo.

  3. lol I didn't even think about it having creases from it being folded. i'll iron it. :) Thanks again! It's super cute.


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