Camping is In Tents

In an effort to enjoy the beautiful weather we experienced here in SEPA (southeastern PA) over the weekend, Tim and I practiced setting up our new tent!
Can I just say that registering at REI for our wedding was the greatest idea ever?
We are totally tricked out with the best camping gear and are already planning a trip for this Spring.

The only decision we need to make is whether we're going to a local campground which is 30 min. away... or if we're making the trek to a campground 2 1/2 hours away that has the most gorgeous natural waterfalls we've ever seen.
Convenient or Scenic!

Ricketts Glen, 2008

Colonel Denning State Park, 2007

French Creek, 2009

After dealing with torrential downpours and bear encounters, we're kinda professional campers now. So what do professional campers do? Practice, practice, practice!

Barely fits in our backyard? Check.

Large enough to fit our queen-sized air mattress? Check.
Yeah, we don't exactly "rough it."

Tall enough to stretch out in? Check.

Quality? Check.

Husband-approved? Check.


  1. you guys should come up with us and camp in the white mountains this summer!

  2. Fabulous! We camp as often as we can. We've done French Creek. We also have camped down at Cape Henlopin in Delaware. Plus there's a bunch of nice places up by my in-laws in Lake Walenpaupack area. Camping adventures are fun! We should go sometime! :)


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