Yogi Bear

Bethenny Frankel's yoga workout on Exercise TV kicked my out-of-shape booty.
And I didn't even do the last 20 minutes of weights.

My husband snapped this pic and I love it because I look like an actual yogi (one who practices yoga). Rather than an amateur who can barely touch her toes...
Glad he didn't take a picture when I was in the star pose.
If you saw me, you would have thought I was doing the "dilapidated scarecrow" pose.
Yes, Tim watches me do yoga sometimes. Probably so he can look at my bum in spandex.
He's welcome.

My first yoga experience was taking a hardcore class with my friend Devon, taught by this British lady, Sue. In the middle, we looked at each other like, "What the hell are we doing... this is torture!" but right after the class we had this feeling of overwhelming giddyness - like we were on drugs or something! A total natural high. It was insane.

Doing yoga at home in front of my TV is nothing like Sue's class...
but it's fo' sho' better than paying $25!
My whole body is feeling the burn today.
Thanks, quasi-celebrity from Real Housewives of NYC.

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