Pasta Sauce from Scratch (but not really)

I feel terrible when I make pasta and just use sauce from a jar.
It seems so bland & generic, like I didn't even try.
I hate it.

Tim's dad always picks up fresh pasta from this place in Philly called Talluto's and generously gives us a whole bunch.
(Talluto's... it even sounds like it's from Philly)
And it is soooo good, especially the cheese ravioli.
It's the only non-whole wheat pasta that I'll eat.
It's that good.

It's ridiculously easy to boil water & pop open a jar. So of course I have to make it more complicated because I'm weird like that.
So I add things to the sauce to make it more homemade & healthy.

I sauteed an onion, garlic & green pepper for about 5 minutes & seasoned with s&p.

Then added the plain old marinara.

And wilted some spinach into it at the very end.

[This is a sneaky way to add spinach to your kids food! Or your husbands...]
[Generously topped with parm]

The only word to describe the filling is my most
hated food adjective & Giada's favorite...

Ew. Ew. Ew.
Not the food... the word.

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