Husband Organization

My hunny is getting organized and I love it!
Can you tell I'm rubbing off on him?

Over the weekend, Tim randomly decided to clean out his dresser, which I've mentioned before is mainly comprised of t-shirts. I didn't let him get rid of any dress shirts or sweaters, though, because they are like rare animals on the verge of extinction in his closet.

He did part with a lot of old T's, undies that were practically disintegrating and worn out socks.
Less stuff to move... and that makes me oh so happy!

When I saw this pile of old undershirts, my brain switched to a 1950's woman's brain and I felt the need to reuse them for something. 

So I got out my sewing scissors and cut them up into cleaning rags.
My mom did this when I was little and I guess the idea stuck.

Tim's decision to de-clutter was such a delightful surprise.
I didn't even care that it occurred at 8am on a weekend.

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