Have I told you lately... that I love you?

You lift me up
when I'm feeling down;

You brighten my day
like I'm wearing a crown;

You make me feel like a queen
You're never mean...

Okay, clearly I'm not a poet.
But today is one of those days in which I truly love...

my job.

And I felt like writing my job a love poem.
Mission (poorly) accomplished.

I grew up thinking you were supposed to hate your job.
I've had plenty of crappy ones, that's for sure.

 Brandywine Picnic Park, serving chicken & ribs in 90 degree heat

Pier One Imports, selling moderately priced home goods to Indians, hoity-toity moms and the occasional drunk customer

A small law firm, where I would drive from courthouse to courthouse filing documents because attorney's do everything at the last minute

Then, I found this magical place known as HARRON COMMUNICATIONS.
HarCom for short.
Harron swept me off my feet like no other job ever had and showered with me with lavish employee benefits, raises & bonuses.

It had me at "Bagel Wednesday."

My love for Harron today has sprung from my annual spring duty.
Our CEO comes into my office with a giant Fed Ex package.
Inside are an entire season's worth of Phillies tickets - the best seats in the house - for every single home game.

And then he casually says, oh yeah, and pick out a few games for yourself.

Well slap my face and call me Sally.
Don't mind if I do!

This is the 3rd year I've been working here, and the 3rd year I've been organizing the boss man's Phillies tickets. This is one secretarial chore that I'll never complain about.

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!
And if you're near a coastal area, throw on a lifevest.
I'm pretty sure we're all doomed.

Just kidding.
But seriously, we are.

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