She's a Brick... House

Actually, I believe it's stone exterior, but nevermind that,
we're going to be renting a HOUSE!

Not an apartment. Not something with hallways shared by other people. A real, stand-alone, we have our own mailbox, driveway and backyard house.

The best part is that we know the owners.
So our landlords aren't some shadeballs who will try to rip us off because we left a thumbtack hole in the wall. Right, guys?!
However, we will miss our "urban" apartment very much. It's where we celebrated our engagement, where we spent the night together after our wedding (I stood in front of the mirror in my dress, refusing to take it off), where we had lots of fights followed by lots of making up, where we planted our first garden. Lots of parties, lots of dinners, lots of couch cuddling... it's pretty much where we became adults!

We'll miss the convenience of walking to Starbucks, the farmer's market and our favorite breakfast place, Penn's Table. We'll miss walking to the bars and not having to designate a driver. We'll miss hunting down a parking spot for 10 minutes only to find one and have the person behind us pull up too far, thus blocking us from parallel parking. Wait, we won't miss that...

I'm getting a little verklempt! Talk amongst yourselves.
I'll give you a topic: the chickpea is neither a chick nor a pea. Discuss.

Now that my emotions have subsided,
I can tell you that we are super psyched about the features in our new place:

- Washer & Dryer
- 1-car garage & driveway
- 1,444 square feet
- 2/3 of an acre (for a dog, a garden, a moon bounce)
- Permission to paint... granted!
- Remodeled kitchen w/ vaulted ceiling, open to dining area
- Original hardwood floors in the living room/hallways
 - Real tile in the kitchen & bathroom (Eeeeee, no more linoleum!)
- 2 spacious bedrooms w/ lots of windows
- "Old house" vibe with updates
- Minutes from shopping, parks, our jobs, wegman's...
 - A full basement! Tim already called dibs on it for band practice
- Enclosed "breezeway" between the kitchen & garage w/ lots of shelving (sewing room?)
- Neat rounded, arched doorways throughout the house
- A pasture behind our yard & lots of space between the house & neighbors houses

We are soo excited to call this house our home and I'm sure we'll create just as many memories there, if not more.
Moving is going to be dreadful because of all of our recently acquired "stuff"
but hey, that's why U-haul's were invented, right?

We're looking to move in late April.
Can't wait to show you pictures!

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  1. How exciting! I can't wait to see pictures! It sounds perfect!


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