Everybody Look at Me 'Cause I'm Sailing on a Boat

DSW is my homie!

I found the cutest boat shoes online.
I wanted them. But I waited.
A whole 24 hours later, a $10 rewards certificate magically appeared in the mail.
And bam, I went to the store after work and picked up these puppies for $20.

How can you do better than that?
You can't.
I don't actually have a boat, but at least I can strut around this Spring like I do.
(Shh, don't tell anyone.)

Oh, and duh, I can't do a post with the word "boat" in it without giving you this delightful video.

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  1. Thanks for the humor! The video was...nice. DSW is fabulous. I had received a magical $10 off coupon a while back and it expired this past weekend, so last Friday I stopped over during my lunch break. Got two cute pairs for like $34! Love that store! Nice find Meg!


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