The Dealio

Sometimes I don't blog because there is literally nothing exciting going on in my life.
That is not the case right now, trust me!
There is a heck of a lot going on... but I'm going to hold off on that and talk about random things I've been doing instead.
Good things come to those who wait. How annoying am I?

1. Selling all of our possessions on eBay, Amazon & Craigslist.
Well not all of them, but that's what it seems like when I'm at the post office every single day shipping something out. I went through all of my books and decided to sell/donate at least half of them. I'm hanging onto the classics like Sylvia Plath's poems and anything by Jane Austen and Homer. Whatever doesn't sell before we move is going straight to the used book store down the street.


2. Watching Dancing with the Stars.
Well, I'm watching it, and Tim is usually sleeping on the couch. Every night, my darling husband asks for a head rub and then passes out instantly. It's pretty darn cute! Except when the snoring begins...

3. Collecting Boxes.
For the move. Not because we like boxes. They are actually pretty annoying space-hoggers. Thank goodness our 2nd bedroom doesn't actually serve a purpose.

[Boxing movies > Boxes]
4. Trying a New Shampoo.
Bye bye, Head & Shoulders. Hello, J/A/S/O/N.
(It's really Tim's but I used it this morning & now Jason and I are in LOOOVE!)

5. Being all-around awesome.
It's not always easy, but we manage.

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