Where for art thou, Spring?

[Budding tree in our backyard]
We're Spring cleaning, I bought some pieces for my Spring wardrobe, I already officiated a girls' lacrosse game... outside and I switched over to my Spring purse.

You'd think it was Spring right?
March 20th is a sham.

It's still freezing cold and we were graced with snow last week.
Granted, it melted hours later, but still, the sight of it when I woke up made me ill.
I thought my husband was pullin' my leg when he looked out the window and said in a horrified voice,
"Oh my God, it's snowing."

In order to have something to look forward to, we booked our Spring camping trip to Rickett's Glen.
Weekend of June 3rd, holla!
We'll be seeing a whole lotta these bad boys.
(And hopefully no bears.)

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