Weekend in Review

Spring is officially here. Our yard is sprouting.
Daylight savings time took a hike. Tim and I chatted about how daylight savings time is totally lame and should be banned. I mean, who does less daylight really benefit anyways?

We went grocery shopping, which turned into an extensive man-hunt for anchovy paste. After trying 2 grocery stores, we ended up finding it at Carlino's, an Italian specialty store in our 'hood. (I know, you're thinking "anchovy paste... vomit" but I'm re-creating a really awesome pasta dish we had in Miami and it's absolutely required to make it. Recipe to follow of course!)


And when I put it in a pony tail and wear a hood, I look like an emo chick.
Not a good look for me.

Mr. Annan and I hit the town for the official St. Patty's Day celebration that was going on a few days early. Naturally, we went to Kildare's, an Irish pub. It was packed with people in bright green t-shirts who'd been bar-crawling since 3pm. Yyyyikes. Clearly we were a little bit behind the crowd as far as drunkenness goes. But we got caught up quickly and even saw cops arresting people. We were those people standing around outside the bar staring. Yep.

And finally, I baked some scrumdiddlyumpcious muffins.
If you want the recipe, stay tuned until Wednesday...
[Apple Cream Cheese Muffins]
 Hope you guys had a great weekend!
Now it's off to finish up the laundry and catch the 5 o'clock church service...

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