Change is good.
Which is why we've been doing it a lot recently.

We're moving to a new & bigger place.

We switched from Mac back to PC.

[New Toshiba. We likey.]
And get ready, 'cause this is a big one...
we're switching from evil & unsafe plastic containers
to easy-to-clean, safe & long-lasting glass containers!

After reading endless articles about the horrors of plastic containers leaching cancer-causing chemicals into food, we decided to make a $30 investment and ditch them.

I will miss the lightness & the doesn't-matter-if-you-drop-it-ness of plastic, but those suckers were really annoying to clean and always ended up getting stained and smelling like whatever you stored in them. (Red sauce lovers, can I get an Amen?) The dishwasher drying cycle would never dry them & I'd end up doing it by hand. I could never find the matching lid. The lids would crack, and so on.

Bye bye, you evil plastic monsters.
Hello, you shiny, glass goddesses!
If you are a leftover lovaaaa like my husband and I, you deserve a nice set of glass food containers. For your health. And your sanity. And to make the inside of your cabinets look pretty.

The end.


  1. I have this set of pyrex too and I. LOVE. THEM. They don't stain, smell, and are incredibly durable. I've had them for two years without even a crack.
    I hope you'll love them too!!

  2. This post makes me happy.

    I have a deep affinity towards glass. It's just so inert! My love for glass was solidified when I was at Villanova and Billmeyer spent half the class talking about how beer just tastes better in glass. It was also the year we were finding about BPAs, which ended the coolness of Nalgene. Whether you're collecting really tacky figurines, building a skyscraper, or having a drink, glass is the better choice.

    I love the idea of replacing plastic containers with all glass. Hopefully we will soon be following suite. We also have that same pyrex set, tho it's hard to throw out the waterfall of plastic containers I experience every time I open the cabinet knowing they'll end up in a landfill.


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