7 Things About Me: circa 1990

Kendi over at Kendi Everyday challenged her readers to reveal some embarrassing things about themselves growing up... along with photos. You know I couldn't resist.

1) I was once attacked by a caged parrot in a book store. What book store keeps vicious caged parrots? I ended up with a hole in my shirt and a lifelong fear of birds. My love of reading, thank goodness, has remained in tact.

2) For a whole year in the early 90's, my older brother would tight-roll my jeans for me before he left for high school. Awesome then, embarrassing now. (See top-left photo)

3) We had a swimming pool. I loved swimming in it all summer long. So much so that I would ignore signals to my brain that told me I had to go to the bathroom. One time, I made the mistake of ignoring the signal for #2. Explosive #2. My parents ended up hosing me down.

4) Two words: homemade everything. That's what I wore until I begged my Mom to buy me clothes from Kids R Us. My most memorable piece was a Halloween-themed reversible vest. Candy corn on one side... black cats on the other. Naturally, I rocked it with a black turtleneck, black stirrup pants & keds (with socks rolled up over my pants).

5) My first kiss. So awkward. It went down in a cluster of pine trees in my friend Lauren K's  backyard when I was in 7th grade. The guy & I stood there for literally 10 minutes just staring at the ground. And then went in for the kill. The relationship lasted about a week. And then I moved on to one of his friends. (I got around).

6) BANGS. Lots & lots of bangs. I rocked them through 8th grade. Spent 15 minutes each morning curling & hairspraying them to perfection. However, no one else had bangs. That was probably why I had to downgrade from the popular girls table in middle school.

7) I spent a good portion of my younger years running a successful business. What business you ask? M.T. Private Eye. For all your spying needs. I had state of the art notebooks, magnifying glasses, a fingerprint dusting kit and 4 clients. My brothers & my parents. WHAT.

Happy Monday!

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  1. haha..this is so funny...I am a 90s child. And I totally rocked about 1/2 of these looks. Cuteness!


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